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Adam Hicks is officially set to blow up the hip-pop world.

The eighteen-year-old star of Disney’s “Zeke and Luther” has made the jump to Disney’s next big movie franchise, “Lemonade Mouth.” Adam has been on his grind. He is currently in the studio and has songs set to drop soon, including “Burnin’ Up,” Disney XD’s summer anthem.

We think Adam is on the verge of some big things and his love of hip-hop reminds us of a young Justin Timberlake, making him a rising star to watch out for.

GlobalGrind had a chance to sit down with Adam Hicks and talk about his upcoming solo projects, avoiding the pitfalls of other child stars and his love of Harlem hip-hop legend Big L.

Check out our exclusive interview with Adam below!

GlobalGrind: When you write music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Adam Hicks: I’ve been writing music since 4th grade and I love putting words together and expressing things in a way that you can move your head to and you can really relate to, because I have a lot to say. It’s mostly through life, personal experiences or just the outside looking in on other experiences and just finding a way to vent and get that out on a piece of paper and have it heard in a fun way. Especially for kids because I feel like a lot of kids relate to music and music helps them so much through life in general. If someone is sad they put on a song, or if someone wants to rock out and they want to get into a good mood they put on music. Just being able to be a part of something like that I feel like was my ultimate push to do music.

You rap as well. Who are some of your favorite rappers?

I go way old school KRS-One, Big L, Biggie Smalls and then all the way to new rappers. From “Look At Me Now,” to Drake. The greatest thing about music is everyone has their own style and I respect all styles of music. My dad, he’s from Essex Braintree in London so he grew up with the [Rolling] Stones, David Bowie, The Clash. And just having that influence and just being a part of this 2011 music and being able to put my own style on it is the ultimate. Just being part of Lemonade Mouth. Because “Lemonade Mouth” and the soundtrack in general is such an amazing soundtrack. It’s a new branch for Disney as far as music. It brings so many elements to the table.That happy feeling, that chill, relaxed feeling, that super-hype-move-your-head-to music, that rock out music and that transition into rap and pop, which is being done a lot these days, and just having that go to Disney also.


What’s the most memorable thing someone who’s seen the movie “Lemonade Mouth” has said to you?

This actually happened, I was in Philadelphia with kids not too long ago and I was out there just talking to the kids ― I was there with Radio Disney and Comcast ― and one kid came to me and he had shades on top of his head. I swear he was four feet tall, he must’ve been ten years old and he came up to me and he dropped his shades as soon as he saw me and he’s like ‘Ayo! Check this out…’ and he just started rapping my verse! He started just ripping. Every single line he knew perfectly and it just blew me away because he was right on cue, right on rhythm. Just being able to see how kids are relating to that to the point where they start rehearsing my lyrics and they’re coming up to me with that confidence. It’s an amazing feeling.

You mentioned you liked Biggie Smalls and Big L. Biggie Smalls’s son, CJ Wallace, has recently gotten into acting. Have you met him and would you have any advice for him in his career?

I haven’t met him. Advice in the acting world: acting is a form of entertainment and you have to love it. It has to be a passion of yours and it’s something that I’ve been doing for years. I constantly am blessed everyday that I still do it and I’m just so glad I can be doing something that I love to do and just going to work everyday.



Speaking of work, what’s the big difference between being on set at “Lemonade Mouth” versus being on the set of “Zeke and Luther”?

“Zeke and Luther” you know is a television show, so it works a little differently. Also, it was a big change because my character is this zany, outrageous comedy-driven character. Playing that for three seasons and going to a real chill, real relaxed music underdog and jumping into that, I really had to kinda throw away everything I’d been doing for three years and kind of reset myself as far as an actor. We don’t have performances as big as “Lemonade Mouth” on “Zeke and Luther,” but they’re both amazing experiences, just “Lemonade Mouth” was a little bit bigger. It was different for me.

Speaking of “Lemonade Mouth” being Disney’s next big thing, how does it feel to be a part of that?

It’s so amazing to be a part of it, man. It’s the ultimate great feeling. We’ve had so much fun just making the project and we put so much of ourselves [into it]. I feel like each and every character has their own style. “Lemonade Mouth” does follow the book but at the same time we bring our own flavor and it’s definitely a movie. People compare it to “High School Musical” but it’s more of a storyline that involves music and every performance is scripted and for every performance we’re either rehearsing or we’re actually performing. I feel like this is a new branch for Disney and it’s a different feel. Disney has never really done this before and just to be a part of something like this is incredible.

Above: Adam Hicks at the premiere of “Lemonade Mouth” at Stevenson Middle School.


Do you plan on releasing your own album?

Definitely, definitely. I’m working on music constantly. Right now I’m doing a song for Disney XD, it’s a summertime theme, called “Burning Up.” I’m gonna drop that soon. I’m actually recording that Thursday. I have a song coming up on “Shake It Up” which is a Disney show and the Jabawockeez are dancing to it’s called “Dance For Life” and it’s real hype, real good music. I’m kinda just seeing what’s going on and kinda riding the boat of “Lemonade Mouth” and enjoying the fact that we put so much great work into it and seeing how it does.

Since you have an actual recording of “Burning Up” on your schedule, how are you going to psyche yourself up to go into the booth and lay the vocals for that?

This is the feeling that I get when I entertain. It’s the ultimate feeling. Everyone has their stress reliever, whether it’s playing basketball or going on walks or rock climbing or whatever you like to do and mine is music and acting. That’s just how its been my whole life. Just the feeling that you get. It’s almost like a feeling with acting like right before they roll the cameras and you’re nervous but as soon as they say “Action!” you zone out. It’s the exact same feeling. The greatest feeling ever is stepping into a booth because it’s just the sense of, ‘I can say what I want,’ it’s freedom. I’m nervous before, but as soon as I record it goes away.

Above: Adam Hicks speaks at Disney ABC Television Group’s TCA ‘Winter Press Tour’ Panels


With all the mishaps of previous child stars is there a heightened sense of security for you to be aware of it and how do you plan to not get distracted and stay grounded?

I think the biggest thing is to be well-rounded and be grounded. You have to keep yourself grounded and support from your family and support from your friends [helps]. I live in Las Vegas and I go back and see all my friends and you just keep that sense of mind because I put so much hard work into it and it’s been eleven years, so you don’t really get sidetracked after that long and I feel like keeping true to yourself and just remembering where you came from is the ultimate.

How’d you get introduced to Big L’s music?

I’m just an old school viber. I like lyricism and he’s a big lyricist.


Above: Adam Hicks at the premiere of “Lemonade Mouth” at Stevenson Middle School.


Adam Hicks at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation 20th Annual “A Time For Heroes” Celebrity Carnival in 2009.

Photo Credit: FayesVision/


Adam Hicks at the 2009 Hero Awards.

Photo Credit: Nikki Nelson/

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