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This week’s photos are just off the wall bonkers. We circled the globe looking for the craziest most insane pictures we could find and we think we did. The picture above shows a Libyan medical staff member arriving at the al-Mahjoub Polyclinic after being shot in the back near Misrata, Libya.

STORY: Are You Serious? Photos Of The Week

Next we go to Australia, where we see a horse jumping over a fence and into a crowd of around 50 spectators at a popular carnival. Banna was the name of the horse who veered off course during the race and jumped into watching spectators at the Grand Annual Steeplechase.

Last but not least, we meet Laura Hunt who offers a special service in Southampton Tattoo and Piercing Studio. We can’t make these pictures up so look for yourselves.


Breast Milk Cheese?:

Eww, artist Miriam Simun is creating cheese in a different way by branding The Lady Cheese Shop, a temporary art installation. She is making cheese using breast milk.


Are You Serious?:

Over one thousand people showed up to watch a wedding? Well-wishers, celebrating the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine, fill the grounds in front of the gates of Buckingham Palace on April 29 in London. The marriage of the second-in-line to the British throne was led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and was attended by 1,900 guests, including heads of state. Thousands of well-wishers from around the world flocked to London to witness the spectacle and pageantry.


Now That’s Just Wrong:

The Pink Taco restaurant in Los Angeles used the donkey as a promotion on Cinco de Mayo and painted it pink.


Standing In Rubble: 

A resident of Masiphumelele, an informal shack settlement, looks for things to salvage after a fire destroyed more than 1,500 homes in Cape Town, South Africa, on May 2. The blaze left thousands destitute. The cause was unclear.


Corset Piercing?:

Laura Hunt offers corset piercing at her Tattoo and Piercing Studio, called Dragstrip, in Southampton. 


Horseing Around:

Seven people have been taken to hospital after a riderless horse jumped over a fence and into a crowd of around 50 spectators at a popular carnival in Australia.