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Actress Salma Hayek was among many hot celebs to be voted on the best-dressed list at the Cannes Film Festival in France this week. The Mexican beauty rocks a burnt orange Gucci dress adorned with orange and red flowers. 

While promoting her film “Puss In Boots,” Salma shared some fashion advice with NBC’s “Today Show” host Meredith Viera. The two ladies talked about swimsuits and g-strings and Salma let it be known that if you’re over 50 you shouldn’t wear a g-string on the beach, but Madonna is her only exception.

“There was a lady wearing a g-string on the beach and I think after 50 you should not wear a g-string on the beach,” she said. 

GlobalGrind is pretty sure that there are 50-year-old women who look good enough to rock g-strings or bikinis while having fun in the sun, so we’ve collected images of our favorite celebrities over 50 rocking bikinis. Some of the ladies look absolutely amazing and well some … but hey, whatever floats your boat!

Check out the bikini babes over 50 on the next few pages!


Actress Helen Mirren rocks a pink bikini at the age of 65 and looks damn good. 


Former super model Janice Dickinson is still in excellent shape for a 56-year-old woman. 


Donatella Versace received a lot of grief about these photos of her in a bikini. GlobalGrind supports bikinis, but there’s nothing wrong with rocking a one piece when gravity starts to take over. 


Actress Sharon Stone was one of the hottest women in Hollywood and at 53-years-old she still looks good enough to rock a bikini. 


Kim Cattrall just doesn’t keep it sexy in her hit series “Sex In The City,” she also keeps it sexy on the beach. The 54-year-old actress hits the beach in her bikini and she looks amazing.


Former model Christie Brinkley doesn’t look a day over 30 in her bikini. To have a body like hers at 57 years old is a treasure. 

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