The New Boyz stopped by the GlobalGrind offices back in March to talk about their new album “Too Cool to Care,” which hits stores and online retailers today (May 17). The follow-up to their debut “Skinny Jeanz and a Mic,” “Too Cool to Care” was spawned from the duo’s realization that many people may have slept on their first effort, but with a host of guests on their new album ― including Chris Brown, Iyaz, Tyga, YG, Big Sean and more ― Legacy and Ben J mean business.

Also, check out the video interview below where we play charades with the New Boyz! 

GlobalGrind: Tell us more about your musical progression from “You’re a Jerk” to “Backseat.” It sounds very different. How did you guys go from there to here?

Legacy: On “Too Cool to Care,” we just really wanted to experiment and do different stuff because we felt like we didnʼt show the world what we were really capable of and what we were about in our first album. A lot of the songs were rushed and a lot of them were old songs. We just really wanted to try a bunch of different stuff and at the same time show everyone our lyrics so thatʼs what we did on “Too Cool to Care.” We just really showed our creative side.

Ben J: I mean we were leaning more onto the girls, ya know. Because the girls were like, ‘You guys were mean to the girls on the album with “You’re a Jerk” and “You Canʼt Tie Me Down.”’ But honestly, we were just being real!

Legacy: We were being real because we were young kids in high school and no we werenʼt faithful! You canʼt tie me down! We werenʼt looking for no relationship. But for this new album, we turned a little bit and just had to do something for the ladies.

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So how was it working with Ray J on that?

Ben J: Hey, shout out to Ray J. Heʼs cool, gets all the girls …

Legacy: Heʼs just a real down to earth dude.

Ben J: Exactly, the vibe in the studio brings out a good song.

How do you guys work in the studio?

Ben J: We usually have the song written out. And he [Legacy] usually writes the hooks and whoever we feel the song is good for, weʼll just call them up and sometimes heʼll have his headphones on and we be writing, zoning out and I be like, ‘Yo, what you writing about?’ All I need are like … little pieces! Like what you wrote about then Iʼll just go on from there.

Tell us more about the album specifically, what are your favorite songs on there, what does it sound like….

Ben J: Um, first off itʼs called, “Too Cool to Care.” Weʼre gonna drop that May 10th. [Editor’s note: The album was pushed back to May 17 after the interview.]

Legacy: Itʼs just one of those albums that you can listen to without skipping a track. Itʼs just a really fun album. We have those party songs of course with “Backseat” and we got rock songs, we got slow tracks for the ladies, you know what Iʼm saying, those bedroom bangers. Itʼs a real collective album but it all fits! Itʼs a really good album, if you slept on the first album, fine and good, but at least check out “Too Cool to Care.”

Ben J: We donʼt want to be labeled as one specific type of artist. We want to do what we feel in music, like our album is called “Too Cool to Care” and people be like, ‘Oh, thatʼs all you guys could do!’ Itʼs like Nah! We could expand our mind and do different types of music. Thatʼs why our music is so different.


What are some of your musical inspirations?

Ben J: We listen to everything!

Legacy: Yeah, we listen to everything. hip-hop wise? Kanye West is definitely some of the rappers I grew up listening to.

Ben J: Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Lil Wayne.

Legacy: And we listen to a bunch of different stuff. Iʼm a big fan of indie music.

Ben J: Iʼm not too good on names but I like to zone out in my car! If Iʼm kinda moody or whatever, and my mood changes. I just get into rock song and rock out!

What are some of the coolest places you guys traveled to? You went to Germany, are there any crazy stories from when you were on the road?

Legacy: We really havenʼt been too much overseas yet. Weʼre going to Australia and stuff. Itʼs just been a lot of crazy stuff from girls chasing the car, girls jumping in front of cars …

Ben J: Girls running for three blocks just for the car!

Legacy: Yeah, like us going to a hotel and the whole lobby is just packed with fans because when we perform, we like to say, ‘This is our hotel and give out our room numbers.’ Well not OUR room number but itʼs like a dummy room! So we could like … filter out all the young girls and stuff, that are underaged. But itʼs like really really crazy, but itʼs fun too but itʼs a lot of hard work at the same time. Itʼs tiring because we gotta do a lot of stupid flights, like we get a party and go to a club til 3 oʼ clock and weʼre like, ‘YEAH!’ and then we gotta 4 oʼ clock flight. So we canʼt really hang out or nothing.


How did you guys meet and start the New Boyz?

Ben J: Um, we had Biology class together! I found out that he did music, like he writes raps and heʼll rap to somebody in the classroom and I was kinda interested. That was my way of meeting him, so he would spit rhymes and I would write rhymes and he already had a studio, so thatʼs when I finally got into the studio like Iʼve been writing since I was 8 years old. But thatʼs when I finally got into the studio, when I met him and then we just kept going on and on. We were solo artists at first but then we just had so many songs together that we said, ‘Man, letʼs come up with a group!’

So who cheated off of who in Biology? 

Ben J: We cheated off of each other. 

Legacy: Aye, Real Talk! We had the sidekicks back then so like everybody in the classroom were on AIM, logged onto to AIM, so the whole classroom was on AIM giving out the answers. 

Ben J: We had a classroom TA, she was cute, so she used to give us answers. It was crazy.

Legacy: Or you had to pay for them, like … they were just selling them so you had to pay for the answers. It was just the last year, I didnʼt do that for the whole four years. Just the last couple of months of senior year.

Ben J: The last couple of days when we had the big test, because we both were failing. We had this big test to get the passing grade in the class and thatʼs when we did that.

Legacy: Stay in school kids!

So you guys passed?

Ben J: Mhmm.

Legacy: Graduated. Yes! Thank You TA.


You said you started recording in high school?

Legacy: Yeah! We just went to the guitar center in like … 11th grade and just started buying a bunch of different equipment. We just got a mixer, we got a mic, downloaded pro tools. Actually, we didnʼt even have pro tools back then, we used Magics 2005!

Ben J: And it was like 2009.

Legacy: Thatʼs what we did “You’re a Jerk” on too. We did it there and it didnʼt even get recut or re-edited or anything. It was just what we did back then.

How do you feel being in the studio now?

Ben J: I feel good. 

Legacy: Itʼs great, I still prefer the home studio like, we hooked it up more now so it sounds better. I still prefer the home studio because you could really master something there because at the other studios, you have to pay for studio time and all of that. When you’re at home you could take your time, do what you want, you know what Iʼm saying. And if you donʼt like it, re-cut it the next day!

Ben J: The next day when your voice is better or something.

So the name “New Boyz,” what does that really refer to?

Ben J: Basically, itʼs like the center of attention. If you ever went to school and you were the new student like if you heard around the school, people saying, ‘Oh, did you see the new boy? Or you seen the new girl?’ And its like, thatʼs the main focus for two weeks ya know. The new person! Or if a new person comes after that new person, then the new person gets old. The new person! Thatʼs my personal opinion on it.

How have your peers acted towards your success?

Legacy: We still do the same things. We still going to the mall, we still hitting people up. Still chilling, still going to parties and stuff. So most of them, those who are really our friends, we just chilling with them, we still doing the same things we were doing with them before. Then itʼs the people that we donʼt really see because when you leave high school, everybody splits ways. So we donʼt really get to see them because theyʼre going to college somewhere else and then we moved somewhere else. They blame it on the fact that weʼre famous now and weʼre Hollywood but Iʼm like, ‘No, weʼre just busy!’ Thatʼs all it is! You canʼt blame it on that.


What did you guys do with your first check?

Ben J: I actually bought my mother a house! Because I already had one, so I bought my mother a house.

Legacy: Same thing.

Ben J: And then I went to go buy a car!

What kind of car?

Ben J: A Meryl 2010. Her name is Pumpkin! Itʼs orange.

What about the second check? 

Ben J: Look, Iʼm sorry the first check I rented my mom a house! So, I had two houses. The next check, I think we just recently got it so I bought a house. Because I had to start doing my taxes and stuff like that. To get my credit up!

What about when you get that big, big check?!

Legacy: Yo, real talk, the only thing I really really wanted to get was the RED camera, itʼs the movie camera that everybody uses to shoot. Itʼs cost like $25,000. I already got it. I just recently got it! Because Iʼm starting to shoot videos.

What kind of videos?

Legacy: Just music videos! Because the new big thing right now is viral videos so Iʼm like, because most of them are shot on cams so most of them are low quality and Iʼm like ‘Iight, you could either do a low quality viral video or pay $25,000 and do a budget looking video.’ So Iʼm like, ‘Just get the camera that shoots the videos and do as many as you want.’ So we be making YouTube videos of us messing around and it be looking like movies. Iʼm interested in doing videos for a lot of upcoming artists right now. And anyone else who needs videos. If you need videos, holla at me!


How do you feel about everybody that made the XXL Freshman List?

Ben J: Shout out to everyone who made the Freshman XXL List, I was actually kicking it with them the day before so I was congratulating them.

Legacy: I think a lot of people really deserved it ya know. So itʼs dope, itʼs cool.

What was it like being at the BET awards with Mike Epps?

Legacy: That was real funny.

Ben J: We had to hurry up and come up with some jokes real fast or else you got booʼd or something.

Are you guys developing your own artists?

Ben J: We actually both started our own record labels, he got RuleBlind Records and I got 100 Records and the more artists, the better! Right now, Iʼm looking at a couple of local acts. We really want the people that stand out. So itʼs not a problem helping out other younger artists come up, but we really want THAT one!

Legacy: Yeah, Iʼm just waiting because I didnʼt sign anyone yet because Iʼm really, really looking hard to find a superstar. I donʼt just want someone whoʼs like, ‘Yeah, heʼs cool.’ I want someone who is undeniable.

Whoʼs your celebrity crush?

Legacy: I like Zoe Kravitz! Zoe Kravitz is super fly! Miley Cyrus looks like she knows how to have a good time too! She looks like she knows how to party. I like her too. I like her swag.

Ben J: Ariana Grande! Sheʼs pretty. I like her. Kiki Palmer.

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