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GlobalGrind would like to wish a ‘Happy Birthday’ to the one and only Grace Jones

The model/singer/actress was born on May 19th, 1948 on the island of Jamaica and rose to fame in the ’70s with her role in the electronic music scene. She adapted the emerging electronic music style and donned a severe, androgynous look with square-cut hair and angular, padded clothes a look that both frightened and intrigued everyone within eye or earshot.  

Jones’s work as an actress in mainstream film began in the 1984 fantasy-action film “Conan the Destroyer” alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and the 1985 James Bond movie “A View to a Kill.”

In fact, before Halle Berry, Jones was the most recent Black Bond girl, the third in the franchise’s near three decade history. In 1986, she played a vampire in “Vamp,” and contributed a song to the 1992 film “Boomerang” with Eddie Murphy. She also memorably portrayed an eccentric fashion icon by the name of Strange in the film. In 2001, she appeared in “Wolf Girl” alongside Tim Curry. Last year, she made the comeback of the century after she released “Hurricane,” an autobiographical album that spoke about corporate greed and her lineage.

Grace Jones has been referenced, copied and ridiculed by many, but she will forever be a source of inspiration to women who are not afraid to be themselves and go against the grain. 

In our lifetime she has inspired designers, musicians, performance artists and image makers and will continue to inspire more. 

Here’s a look at some of the women in pop culture who have drawn inspiration from the multi-talented Grace Jones.


Amber Rose in one of Grace’s now iconic poses for Complex magazine.

Grace Jones


Rihanna on tour wearing a costume inspired by Grace Jones.

Grace Jones in the original costume.


Model David Agbodji  on the cover of Homme Numero in a pose inspired by Grace Jones’ “Nightclubbing” album cover.

Grace Jones “Nightclubbing” album cover.


Lady GaGa channelling Grace.


Beyonce on the promotional cover of her “Who Run The World” single looks an awful lot like Grace.


Amber Rose in an iconic Grace Jones pose.

Grace Jones In the original picture.


Amber Rose caged like Grace Jones in Complex Magazine.

Grace Jones, photographed by Jean-Paul Goude, was featured on the cover of Goude’s 1981 book “Jungle Fever.”