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Today we find that a mother tried to smother her child with a blanket, while Dr. Cornel West calls President Obama a puppet.

Shame On You

Who: Shantaniqua Scott

Where: Dallas

What: And the worst mother in the world award goes to … Shantaniqua Scott. A hidden video camera caught Scott placing a blanket over her four-month-old son’s mouth last July. The 18-year-old mom was caught on camera looking into her son’s crib and placing a blanket over his face for up to 20 seconds at a children’s medical center. Take a look at the video.


Money On My Mind

Whose Wallet: Strauss-Kahn

Weight: $1 million

How They Hustled: Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been granted $1 million bail and home detention while he awaits trial for the alleged sexual assault of a hotel chambermaid.


Hero of the Day

Who: Rob Summers

What: In a potential breakthrough for the treatment of spinal-cord injuries, Rob Summers, 25, is paralyzed below the chest and has regained some ability to move and stand through the use of electrical stimulation coupled with intense physical rehabilitation—a combination previously shown to work only in animals. Summers was hit by a car in 2006 and paralyzed below the chest, though he retained some feeling in the area below his injury.


Take It In The Ring

Contenders:  Dr. Cornel West vs. Barack Obama

Match:  Dr. Cornel West, a professor at Princeton University’s Center for African American Studies, had previously supported Obama and took part in 65 campaign events during the president’s election year. But in a recent interview, West attacked the president for not being true to his race and dismissed him as “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”


Better Than Fiction

Character: Gabrielle Giffords

Plot Line: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) went through another surgery yesterday, this time doctors had to repair her skull. The congresswoman underwent a three-and-a-half hour operation Wednesday at the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston to attach a newly-fabricated piece of plastic skull. The procedure went well and, as a result, she will no longer have to wear a protective helmet, her doctors said.


Inside the Capitol

Where: Pennsylvania

Who: Pennsylvania General Assembly

What Happened: Another way to screw the working class. Add Pennsylvania to the list of states considering cuts to unemployment insurance. The Pennsylvania General Assembly needs to pass a law in order for the state to remain eligible for the federal Extended Benefits program for the rest of the year, which provides the final 20 weeks of checks in Pennsylvania for people who use up 73 weeks of combined state and federal aid. 


This Day In History

Year: 1927

What: At 7:52 a.m., American aviator Charles A. Lindbergh takes off from Roosevelt Field on Long Island, New York, on the world’s first solo, nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean and the first ever nonstop flight between New York to Paris.