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Bobby V is back and CyHI DA PRYNCE is right behind him in his new video “Outfit.”

Bobby V sings about all the worldly things in life including bank accounts, ocean front cribs, Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci belts in his new video “Outfit.” 

Bobby V makes singing about material items sound so sweet, as he sings over the soft beat of “Outfit.” G.O.O.D. music member CyHI DA PRYNCE had his say in “Outfit” and made a bold statement to any lady who wants to be his girl. CyHi raps “You remind me of my hat/ cuz you always on my mind/ my women are like my shoes/ I can’t go lower than a nine.”

Bobby V and CyHI add to the plethora of songs about material things and worldly ideas, but in such a sweet way. 

Check out the video below!