The Daily Grind Video

In today’s iGRIND we have a few cool things to help you start your weekend off right. 

First up: a pot that can charge your phone or anything with a USB while you are cooking. We also have a golfing app that helps you improve on your golf skills with your iPhone and a mouse that can connect to any computer with a WiFi signal. Enjoy!

What: USB Pot

Made By: TES NewEnergyCorporation

What It Does: Charges your cell phone by heat from a pot

Price: $280

Just in case you have to make an important phone call in the middle of the woods and your battery has died, or there happens to be a blackout and you have to start a fire, this USB pot could be your saving grace. It’s basically a cooking pot with a USB port, turning  normally wasted heat  into power to charge any USB device.

The USB may take up to 5 hours to charge an iPhone but if this is your only option during a Zombie apocalypse then this pot could be your best friend. The pot is safe to be used over open fire, too. According to the company, such flames can reach 900°F, but just 212°F are actually needed to boil water, the difference is then turned into power via a thermoelectric module.


What: iPing

Made By: Ping

What It Does: Measure your golfing abilities via the iPhone

Price: Free app ($30 Cradle)

We all aren’t golfing professionals but the iPing might get you closer to that level. Golfing accessory manufacturer Ping this week announced an iPhone/iPod touch cradle that clips onto your putter, using the company’s iPing app to quantify your putting handicap number. The system measures your stroke type, impact angle, and tempo, comparing them against your friends and some pre-entered golfing pros.  Take a look at the video explaining the iPing by teaching professional Jeff Ritter after the break.




What: WiFi Mouse

Made By: HP

What It Does: Connect to any computer wirelessly

Price: $49.99

This mouse doesn’t require anything other than itself to connect to WiFi technology. Once it’s out the box and powered up, itss ready to go. HP promises up to nine months of battery life, offers five programmable buttons, a four-way tilt scroll wheel and adjustable sensitivity. This is the perfect mouse for any computer user on the go or someone who uses multiple computers. More after the break.


HP WiFi mouse.