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R&B singer and former member of Destiny’s Child, Letoya Luckett is totally down for a Destiny’s Child reunion.

Rumors swirled earlier this week about a possible Destiny’s Child reunion sometime in the fall. Although the labels have denied those rumors, but they may just be keeping the reunion under wraps.

GlobalGrind ran into Letoya Luckett at the 2011 ASCAP Awards, and she shared a few words with us.  

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When asked if she’d be down to participate in a Destiny’s Child reunion, Letoya simply replied, “Sure, I’d definitely do it.” 

Letoya was one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, and I’m pretty sure the fans would be estastic to see the original group reunite!

Hopefully the Destiny’s Child reunion is under way, and hopefully we’ll see Letoya Luckett front and center. 

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