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On Saturday night at Pre-BET Awards celebration dinner, La La Vazquez shared a few thoughts about her friend Kim Kardashian, and her NBA fiance Kris Humphries

Being the good friend she is, La La Vazquez dished about how happy she was for her friend Kim Kardashian and how excited she is about Kim and Kris’ engagement. 

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GlobalGrind asked La La if she had any marital advice to give, not Kim Kardashian, but Kris Humphries. Figuring that La La knows Kim very well, it would only make perfect sense for La La to let Kris know about all the things her friend loves, doesn’t love, and everything in between. 

After a few laughs, LaL a said, “You know, judging from those two they’re doing everything right! They don’t really need advice right now, they’re in the bliss stage.” 

“We’re just happy to know them, and happy to see them engaged. We’re definitely happy to be seeing them take the next step. I’m just really happy for Kim,” LaLa continued. 

Last summer, La La married her fiance and best friend, Carmelo Anthony, who happens to be one of the best NBA ballers in the league

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Marriage is always full of surprises, so GlobalGrind asked La La if she’s discovered anything surprising about Carmelo since walking down the aisle last year. La La knows her man well, “It hasn’t changed much. The great thing about it is that we took our time and I really got to know him. So there have been no surprises luckily.”

Although, La La and Carmelo have been a couple for many years, she’s extremely excited about how their relationship has blossomed. “We’re still going good, and July 10th we’ll be celebrating our first year wedding anniversary!”

GlobalGrind wants to wish Kim and Kris happiness, and wants to congratulate Carmelo and La La on reaching their first wedding anniversary!