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If you’re a cool kid and you like hot pop music then iSquare should definitely be on your iPod’s recently played list. 

This foursome is a group of many talents. After meeting during a studio session Mike, Briddy, Destiny, and 10 Beats were an instant match for each other. Their hit song “Hey Sexy Lady” boasts over 2 million views on YouTube and Diddy even makes a cameo appearance in the video. 

GlobalGrind caught up with iSquare to chit-chat about their new music, group dynamics, their favorite liquor, their own secret iSquare lingo and of course their hit song, “Hey Sexy Lady.”

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Check out the exclusive interview below! 

GlobalGrind: Your song is hot and poppin’. So what was the inspiration behind the song “Hey Sexy Lady” and the whole video?

Briddy: The inspiration was just fun, we just had fun with it. So we were in the studio, we vibed out to it. They wanted to call it “Beautiful Lady” but we already have a song called “Still Beautiful” so we’re like change it to sexy and we we’re like summer’s coming up. The song was just fun for everybody to get down and party.

So how did you all get together? What was the story behind that?

Mike: We were all really working out of the same studio. Like me, Briddy and 10 were working out of the same studio. Me and Destiny kind of formally knew each other and they had auditions for another group. It was just organic, we were already working and we were going to be a production company first.

Briddy: We started being a writing production company like Mike said. These producers we were working with, we started interning with them and they saw something and wanted us to be artists so they were like, you got to show the world what you guys have.


Where are you from?

Mike: I was just thinking, I’m actually from Detroit and I actually moved to Los Angeles a few years ago now.

Briddy: I’m from California. I was born in Inglewood.

Yeah, you have a Cali accent. There’s a lil bit of southernness to people in Cali. 

Briddy: Cus like out here it;s like “get over here.” [laughs]

Exactly, you’re so Cali right now.

Briddy:  Are you from New York though? I love New York. When I’m out there on the East Coast I just vibe with people.

Yeah, New York and the West Coast definitely have different vibes. The West Coast is chill and here everybody is hustling.

Briddy: Yeah, I love it though. When people are hustling and bustling though, I feel like I got to do something.

What are a few of your music inspirations?

Mike: I’m really in to the R&B side of music. I love Brandy. It’s just random with me. I just love music.

Briddy: Any good music really.

Mike: Yeah, it’s just too much to actually put in one person.

Briddy: When we’re on the road we’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean lately and we switch it up and put on some Coldplay. We just have such a broad selection of music that we enjoy.

Mike: I would have to say we love great music.


If you guys could collaborate with anyone, who would you want to collaborate with? Coldplay?

10 Beats: Yeah, that’s my favorite group.

Mike: I think I would like to collaborate with Cee-Lo.

Briddy: The one person I would like to collaborate with that I feel is Andre 3000.

What does iSquare do for fun?

10 Beats: We just do random stuff. We’re just fun. We crack jokes all the time.

Briddy: Get tattoos.

What tattoos do you have?

Briddy: I got one yesterday.

What did you get?

Briddy: I got a lotus flower on my elbow.

How may tattoos do you guys have collectively would you say?  

Mike: I don’t know how many I got now.

10 Beats: Like 200.

Is it like just one big tattoo?

Mike: I am a tattoo.


Where does the name iSquare come from?

Briddy: The name iSquare came from the Squares, but we decided to switch it up. It pretty much means just always continue to do you, no matter what environment you’re in, you need to continue to be yourself. Outside your box; you are a square, so you are the box.

10 Beats: You can say ,“I square to God it wasn’t me.” We got our own lingo and all that.

Mike: First time it was in that kind of style and mindset.

What is your guys’ favorite color?

Briddy: I say red, I like to do a little burgundy though. Favorite color of all time.

Ok, Mike what about you?

Mike: I don’t really have a favorite color. I’d go with like blue I guess.

What about you 10 Beats?

10 Beats: You know I like a biscuit beige, a  real earthy color. I love red though, that’s one of my favorite colors.

What’s your favorite liquor to drink?

10 Beats: Well it depends on what the night is talking about?

What do you guys drink on a chill night? That Hennessey?

Briddy: Yeah or maybe some sangria, some wine.

So if you guys want to take it up a bit and get the party started, what do you drink?

Mike: To turn it up we might go with some nice Jagerbombs.


You guys do Jagerbombs?

Mike: We’re rock stars really. At night we’re rock stars.

10 Beats: We were in Rochester, these girls showed us this new shot it’s like pickle juice and Jameson.


10 Beats: That joint was good though.

Do you guys have celebrity crushes?

10 Beats: I don’t really have a celebrity crush.

Who do you think is hot?

Mike: I think Gabrielle Union is hot… Meagan Good too.

Briddy: I’m going to say Taylor Swift, I’m going left with it.


So say you were you sent to Alcatraz and you had to stay there for the rest of your life and you could bring 3 albums with you, what three albums would you bring?

They would all be gospel.

Mike Have you met Brandy yet?

Mike: Yeah she’s very nice. Brandy is one of my favorite singers, so I always say something ’bout Brandy because she’s kind of overlooked a little.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Mike: Sometimes I get nervous or anxious before going on stage. Like right before I go on stage my stomach hurts really, really bad.

Briddy: Sometimes, I get shy. I’m 6’6 I’m pretty tall with tattoos so it’s like all eyes on me.

10 Beats: I don’t really get nervous like that. I don’t really like radio interviews. Other than that I’m recording everyone’s nervousness. Keep my camera on me you know.


So it’s you three guys and then Destiny.

Briddy: Yup.

You guys have a brotherly-sister relationship right?

Mike: Yeah we’re like a family. These are my brothers on the phone and that’s my sister.

Destiny is beautiful, do you guys ever catch yourselves looking at her?

10 Beats: We compliment her. If she looks good we’ll say ‘you look good.’

Mike: With Destiny it’s never that.

10-Beats: Like your brother, if you see your brother looking good you’re going to say ‘damn brother you look sexy as hell today.’ [laughs]

Mike: I met Destiny when I was like fifteen. I look like her little brother so I was like, oh ok this is like my sister.

You were like oh ok I just been friend zoned?

Mike: Basically.

But you guys hold her down so no one gets disrespectful?

10 Beats: We’re all like protective of Destiny. I don’t think dudes really try to press like that once they see us.

You guys kicked it with Diddy not too long ago. Do you remember the first time you met him?

Mike: Yeah. We went over to Puff’s house with my uncle. I was like, ‘oh there’s Puff’ and he made me put on these slippers that he got. Sean John slippers. We couldn’t walk around without these little slippers.


Hip-pop group iSquare.