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This story almost seems to crazy to be true, but Randy Jackson, Michael Jackson‘s younger brother did an informal twitter interview with fans, and shockingly revealed that Tina Turner once shot him.

Michael Jackson’s youngest brother told followers, “Yes, Tina Turner shot me. I have the scar to prove it.”

Jackson says the incident occurred in the eighties, when “I went to Tina’s house to see my girlfriend. I guess I caught them off guard.”

“I don’t hold a grudge against Tina, she’s a great artist an asset to our industry,” Jackson quickly added.

Turner’s former assistant Eddy Hampton Armani wrote about the alleged incident in his 1998 book The Real T: My 22 Years with Tina Turner, however, the episode has never been confirmed by Turner or anyone else.


Tina Turner allegedly shot Randy Jackson during an incident in the 80’s.