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Arlene Tur is on the upcoming season of STARZ show “Torchwood” that is premiering tonight at 10pm. She plays a surgeon named Dr. Vera Juarez who has a romantic relationship with Mekhi Phifer. “Torchwood” is a British Sci-Fi hit show that is coming to the U.S. for it’s first season.

We got a chance to talk to this Cuban beauty about alot of things from her acting career to her favorite hip-hop artist. Arlene has a lot of talent and we know she has a great future ahead of her. Check out our interview with Arlene below!

GG: Are you calling us from Miami right now?

Arlene: Yes, I’m in Miami and it’s 89 degrees.

How does it feel to be home?

I feel wonderful, I always want to be here. It’s beautiful and everyone is so happy — half naked or shorts. I love to see people with sunglasses and smiles on their faces, can’t complain.


What can fans expect from the latest season of the show?

I’m very excited about the role and very fortunate. She has a romantic relationship with Rex, Mekhi Phifer’s character, so she has to learn to maintain a relationship on the show.

How’s your relationship with Mekhi and the other leads off screen?

It’s very wonderful, I feel very lucky because everyone on set is great. You know filming on set could get heavy and stressful. But our producers help us out and everyone is very open and we make jokes, go out and have a wonderful time. They are all the most down to earth people ever.

How is this role different, besides the medical aspect of it, from Grey’s Anatomy, Crash and other shows?

While she is very confident in her own space and she becomes more of a governmental figure. She is actually funny but it’s really nothing I have done before.

So out of your element? How did you prepare for that?

I had to spend hours of memorizing, and I actually shadowed an ER doctor. It was very interesting because it opened my eyes up to a lot of things.


You touched on it a little before going from a Latino Market to the states, how was that? I know you said your co-workers made it easy for you because of the atmosphere you were in.

They made me feel so comfortable. To the English actors didn’t see any of the Latin stuff I did and the Latin actors didn’t see the English stuff I did and the American actors didn’t see either.

Could you tell us anything that will surprise us on the show or just a little bit without spilling the beans?

I don’t know how much I could tell you but I know this season is going to be great just like the others. I am very proud of the work we all did; the whole crew did their thing.

So when you’re not acting, what would be doing on a typical day off?

I’m very artsy, I like shooting and I will be doing a lot of producing.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an actress? Would you say photographer?

Yeah, but I would have eventually like to have started my own production or photography company.


What type of music do you listen too?

Anything with a beat, just something I can dance too. I love music and the different movements. I enjoy all of them because it expresses a culture.

Do you have a favorite rapper or Hip-Hop artist out right now that you like to listen too?

I like Cee-lo, he’s great.

Is there any music that you listen to on set?

We listen to different types of music because we all like different things.

What are your favorite foods? Are you very health conscious?

Actually, I’m not but I’m starting to eat healthier now.

Is it hard to maintain that being from a Latin community and being busy?

Yes, since I’ve been here in Miami, I’ve been eating but I always remain active. I know people keep telling me that’s going to all change but I’m working on it.