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R&B singer Lloyd isn’t only the “King Of Hearts,” he’s also the king of sex and to no one’s surprise, he doesn’t give a f*ck what Miguel said about him allegedly biting his style. 

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GlobalGrind caught up with the “Be The One” singer to talk about his fourth album “King Of Hearts,” other things he’s the king of and of course, the shots fired comment made by his peer Miguel. 

Check out the exclusive interview below!

GlobalGrind: What’s up with you?

Lloyd: Ah man, just happy “King of Hearts” is finally out.

How are you feeling? I know every time you release an album it’s like jubilance inside of all the artists when their albums hit the store shelves.

I put a lot of time into it, a lot of energy into it and I’m glad that it’s finally out.

It’s been almost a year since you originally announced that you were dropping “King of Hearts.” How does it feel to finally be finished?  

I just hope people enjoy listening to it as much as I hated making it, because it literally consumed the last three years of my life.


What’s one of your favorite things to do besides making music? Having sex?

Having sex, watching sports and getting tattoos.

How many tattoos do you have?

You know I think after a certain point you stop counting.

So can we just say you have one big tattoo?

Yeah, let’s just say I got one big one. At least that’s what she said last night.

Huh, what did you say?

I said let’s just say one big one, and then I said at least that’s what she said last night.

Hey now! That’s for all the lady fans right there. So speaking of tattoos, the tattoo that you got on your head … the guns and roses, that sh*t is dope.

I know right.

The tattoo on the back of your head for some reason has other R&B singers thinking you’re biting their style. What’s up with that?

I mean I’m not the originator of a head tat, you know. I’m not the first person to ever get it and I won’t be the last. You know I just do me and I don’t really give a f*ck about what somebody else say or what they do. You do you, I’ma do me you know? And that’s that. More power to him.

So what is like your biggest repellent from the haters and the naysayers?

Um, you know peanuts to an elephant.


When did you first start making music? How old were you?

When I first started making music? Professionally, I was 10 years old.

You were in a group, right?

Yeah, I was in a boy band called NTune

So how was that? … Being in a boy band?

It was fun, it was crazy, it was you know, everything that a kid could ever dream of.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, Jodeci, Michael Jackson, you know all of those kind of people.

So if you could have it your way, who would you choose to be a part of your dream collaboration?

Wow, Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne!

Besides your album being called “King of Hearts,” if you could be a king of anything besides hearts, what would you be a king of?

I would be a king of… King of… hmmm… I would be a “King of Sex!”

That’s a good answer, a lot of people would love to be a king of sex.

Yup, I would want to be King of Sex.


Speaking of sex, we love your song “Let’s Get It In,” so where’s your favorite place to get it in?

My favorite place to get it in? It’s at your mom’s. No I’m just playing. It’s somewhere where I never did it before you know? I always wanted to do it on a airplane.

On an airplane?


Where do you want to be in the next five years musically?

I see myself continuing to be amongst the upper echelon of my genre, you know amongst music elites. I really see myself as somewhat being more hands on with my music, you know producing, writing, composing and performing the music.

If you were sent to a deserted island and you could only bring 3 albums with you, what 3 albums would you bring?

I would bring… Tupac’s “Me Against the World,” Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall,” and I would bring “King of Hearts,” and I would bring “Street Love.”


You’re definitely a ladies man. What’s been the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?

A fan got a tattoo of my face.

Are you serious?


When you saw that what did you say? Were you stunned? 

I was like daaaaaaaaammmmmnnnn, that’s how you feel? Light.

Does it ever still baffle you when people come up to you and your fans are crying and all that stuff?

Nah, I love them too, you know? Sometimes I want to cry for them because they helped me achieve my dreams, and if it wasn’t for the fans, there would be no me. There would be no a lot of people, you know? So I guess this is a good time to tell my fans that they’re the shit.

Lloyd before we leave, is there anything that you want to clear up or address? Any rumors or any nonsense that you’ve seen in the media lately that you want to clear up?

I just want to say rumors aren’t stupid, it’s the people that believe them.


Singer Lloyd before he cut his hair last year. 

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