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What’s cooler than being a hipster? Nothing!

Hipsters make “cool” sh*t not cool and make perceived un-cool sh*t cool. Basically, hipsters rule the world and hipster haters hate the fact that they’re not naturally cool and creative.  

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Hipsters get blamed for the U.S. census being miscalculated and basically everything that goes wrong in the world. OK, not really, but it’s fun to blame the hipsters for all the perils of the world.

“Gucci Gucci” rapper Kreayshawn is the newest hipster to reach mainstream success, which in the hipster world is sooo un-cool. In her hit song “Gucci Gucci,” Kreayshawn raps about how basic and trendy buying designer clothes is, making it the un-cool thing to do in fashion. 

Kreayshawn isn’t the only certified hipster to go mainstream with her music, Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator makes fun of his hipster lifestyle. 

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Becoming mainstream is basically against the code of conduct for hipsters, but there are a few hipsters who have successfully made the transition from hipster hideaways to mainstream madness.

GlobalGrind rounded up all the coolest hipster musicians who’ve gone mainstream, but still manage to keep their hipster street cred. 

Check out all the coolest hipsters on the next few pages, you may learn something cool!


In a recent interview with the UK’s premiere hip-hop VJ Tim Westwood, Tyler, the Creator made fun of himself being a hipster. 


Katy Perry exhibited all the signs of a hipster when she hung out at Coachella Music Festival.  


Pharrell Williams is the king of hipster.  


M.I.A. is the queen of hipster. She never folds to trends and if something she does becomes cool, she creates the next “it” thing. 


Wiz Khalifa is a self-proclaimed “hipster businessman.” 


UK singer Eliza Doolittle loves high-waisted shorts, high top Nike’s and second hand clothing, all of which are signs of being a hipster.  


Kid Cudi made being a hipster cool in hip-hop.  


If your name is Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish, you’re probably a cool kid, which is why The Cool Kidsare hipsters true to their hipster-dom.  


Matt and Kim‘s picture is next to the definition of hipster. 

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