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Charlie Sheen death rumors are flooding the internet this morning, but instead of mourning his own death, Charlie Sheen is tweeting!

Around 6 a.m. eastern time, the former “Two and a Half Men” star tweeted RIP infront of a retweet, but then during the end of that hour he tried to help a friend reach 100,000 followers on Twitter saying, “Masheen to the rescue!”

By that time ‘Charlie Sheen dead’ was already trending worldwide.

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The Charlie Sheen death rumors come just a few days after rumors of Hugh Hefner‘s own demise hit the internet, sparking the Playboy founder to send a tweet of his own. “What’s with all these death rumors? In the words of Hip Pop great Jay-Z ‘Can I Live?'”

Friends of Charlie Sheen are a bit worried about no drug testing in the custody case between Sheen’s kids with Brooke Mueller.

A source close to Brooke told the Sun Times, “Brooke just shouldn’t be the main person responsible for those kids. Even though her mother is very involved with those children, Brooke’s problems with drugs are something that cannot be ignored. . . . Those little boys are so young. Without safeguards in place, I see a lot of problems ahead.”

Well, we are going to think positively, but we do recommend that every precaution be taken, for the kids’ sake.

Bottom line, Charlie Sheen is NOT dead.

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