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Lil Wayne revealed the cover art for his fourth installment of Tha Carter IV Deluxe Edition.

It’s no surprise that Lil Wayne ditched his green cap and gown, for a soo-woo colored cap and gown.

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Weezy is steadily building the anticipation for his delayed album Tha Carter IV. Wayne didn’t let the fans down though. Last week he released new mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait, simply because he’s sorry for making his fans wait for Tha Carter IV.

Lil Wayne made big waves when he released the cover art for Tha Carter III in 2008. A baby picture of him with a photoshopped blue suit, tattoos and a blinged out pinky ring was sure to keep people buzzing.

Now, Lil Wayne grew up a bit and decided to use his elementary school picture as the cover art for Tha Carter IV.

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Lil Wayne is always coming up with dope cover art, so GlobalGrind rounded up Lil Wayne’s albums with the most creative covers.

Check out the illest Lil Wayne album covers on the next few pages!


LIl Wayne photoshopped a blue pinstripped suit, his tattoos,and a blinged-out pinky ring on his baby picture for Tha Carter III album.  


Lil Wayne puts on a “Jason” mask for The Drought Is Over Greatest Hits album. 


Lil Wayne hangs himself on a cross for The Drought Is Over 7 mixtape.  


Dedication 3 included actual notes and letters that Lil Wayne has written.  


Lil Wayne keeps the I Am Not A Human Being mixtape cover pretty simple, but still fly. 


Lil Wayne keeps it thuggish and ruggish for Tha Carter II.


Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings mixtape includes transparent images of him rapping.  


Lil Wayne taps into his rock and roll side with his album Rebirth.

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