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Rihanna is red hot, drunk and crunk!

The “Only Girl In The World” singer didn’t waste any time getting wasted during her performance last night in Atlantic City, NJ. 

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Looking cute as ever, Rihanna grabbed a Corona bottle and guzzled a little bit on stage in front of thousands of fans. As her fans cheered her on, Rihanna didn’t stop at the Mexican imported beer.

Rihanna took getting drunk and crunk to the next level when she took a shot of, what we think was tequila, but a clear alcoholic substance. 

Rihanna is definitely the most fun girl in the industry, but has she taken her party girl image a little too far? It all depends on the person, but it’s cool to see Rihanna getting a little crazy on stage. 

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As we all know, Rihanna didn’t stop at getting drunk and crunk on stage. The hyper-sexual singer grabbed her own butt a few times and danced seductively on a lady fan. Not missing any sexual stops, one of Rihanna’s dancers danced on Rihanna in a compromising girl-on-girl position for a few minutes as Rihanna performed. 

Whether she’s a Bajan beauty or a red hot renegade, Rihanna is bringing the heat during her concerts. 

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Rihanna pushes the envelope and gets a little freaky with girl-on-girl action.


Rihanna grabs her lady lumps on stage. 


Rihanna takes a shot for good measure. 


Rihanna smacks her butt for her “navy.”


Rihanna gives a lady fan a seductive lap dance. 


Rihanna shimmies her boobs for her lady fan.

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