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Damn, Chris Brown isn’t holding back any punches on his fourth installment of “Real Hip-Hop Sh*t #4.”

Chris teamed up with his “Deuces” buddy Kevin McCall and linked back up with producer 9th Wonder for some more hip-hop sh*t.  

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In an 808-heavy cadence riddled beat, Chris Brown disses his haters with sarcasm and witty-rhymes. 

Chris spits, “For this mula/I’ma round runner/You can’t stop the party/you won’t f*ck my fun up.” Breezy doesn’t stop there, “I ball hard/n*gga hit that replay/and all my haters/die slow/and decay.”

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Kevin McCall comes through on the track and hits his haters with a few simple bars, “I’m all about my hustle/like my first name Nipsey/Breezy put me on/So I be wherever Chris be.”

Take a listen to “Real Hip-Hop Sh*t #4” below!