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After reading the amazing story about Meagan Good on GlobalGrind yesterday, I had to call her and talk to her and tell her myself how Hollywood might be plain stupid.

Throughout her career, Meagan has been one of the best actresses to step in front of a camera and I feel like it is time for her to shine. Check out our conversation below. 

Me:  I’m so happy to get you on the phone! You’re the number one story on our site just because we asked the question “Why haven’t you had this transformative role? Your Transformers transformative role. Just as I was saying that, one of my editors came and said you were in Spiderman.

Meagan Good: That’s news to me. Nobody’s contacted me, I haven’t heard anything about Spiderman. But, that would be nice.

So maybe that’s true. Maybe that’s your Transformers transformative role. After 40 films you deserve a shot.

Yeah that’s true I guess. Maybe it’s because of the edgy thing. You know when I was young I used to smoke cigarettes and I guess that was my way of flipping the bird as a kid. Smoking cigarettes as a kid and looking a little unconventional. I didn’t want to conform, so maybe that’s why?


I don’t know if that really hurt you.

Well I’ve been acting actually since I was 4 years old and in Friday I was 13 years old. That was kind of like my first really decent role. But I’m trying to make it. You know I keep my head down and I trust in hard work. In fact, I’m working now…I’m doing Californication, the whole season.

Really? Who’s in that with you?

RZA. I love him. Yeah everything he says is funny. He’s so funny and charming and great to work with. Almost everything out of RZA’s mouth is funny.

I would’ve said that. That’s exactly how I feel. I look at RZA and get happy. He’s the coolest dude on the planet. I don’t know if you remember this but I produced a movie that you were in and it was a great script. You and Tyrese were like Bonnie and Clyde…it was called Waist Deep. You remember that?

Oh, I remember that.

You were the lead you should remember that. You were great in it! In fact there were some scenes in there that were very sexy, very cool scenes. You were great in it.

Well I enjoyed doing it. I don’t know if that movie really had the resources behind it.


Yeah I guess another one of those ‘black movies.’ It was a black movie with great potential but had black movie budget and marketing and everything else. That’s my issue with Hollywood. Here you are this successful black actress and they’d rather get some blonde girl off the boat from Lithuania and give her a break. And somebody who’s worked for her whole life in Hollywood. It really is – that’s a reality. They don’t know that Hollywood is really integrating, people are integrating, the actors and actresses are integrating. And integration is an aspiration. This is an opportunity for them to start to give some of those roles that they assume aren’t black to black women and you’re the black woman that deserves some of them.

Thank you for saying that.  I’ve tried to keep busy by not just acting, but now I am producing. I got one called “Miles From Home: The Movie.” A little alternative movie, a little fun thing I did that I produced. Check it out at

Well…I am really proud of you and think you are a fantastic actress.  Keep grindin’.

Thanks Russell, it means a lot.


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