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Kanye West showed Rihanna “All Of The Lights” during her LOUD concert stop in Boston, Massachusetts. 

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Rihanna posted an exclusive behind the scenes video of her preparation before hitting the stage. After getting dressed, RiRi goes out into the hallway to greet her good friend Kanye West, as he chills on the sidelines waiting for her to appear. 

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Sharing smiles and hugs, Kanye and Rihanna gear up to give her fans a surprise of a lifetime. Last week, Rihanna brought out Jay-Z, so to keep up the momentum, RiRi surprised her fans with ‘Ye’s presence. 

Kanye wasn’t the only celeb chilling out backstage with Rihanna, model Heidi Klum was also hanging out with the red hot singer. 

It’s cool to see what celebs do while backstage, so take a look at the video below!