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And this is when everyone should stop saying the word n*gga. 

White Girl Mob’s rowdiest most controversial member V-Nasty has a nasty habit of saying the n-word and she doesn’t give a f*ck about offending any of her “haters.” 

“Gucci Gucci” rapper Kreayshawn has been feeling the heat lately and it’s not because of anything she’s said personally, it’s because of her “sister’s” excessive and open use of the n-word. 

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Clearing up that she does NOT use the n-word, Kreayshawn says she “can’t control what Vanessa says.” Although, she mentioned that since they’ve become somewhat famous, she’s advised Vanessa to stop saying the word, but realizes that Vanessa “V-Nasty” Reece will do what she wants. 

Attributing it to the way she grew up, Kreayshawn acknowledged that it isn’t her place to say n*gga and that V-Nasty has always said the n-word. 

“I don’t use that word in my music. My sister V-Nasty says it all the time. It’s because she grew up different, she goes in and out of jail for armed robbery all the time and her mom calls her that. That’s her stuff. I don’t say it in my music. It’s not my place.”

The thing that really doesn’t sit well with most people is that V-Nasty is a young white girl who blurts out the word n*gga more than some grown Black men and that she flaunts her artillery of pistols and sizzurp in a fashion that seems like she’s trying to imitate what she thinks it means to be on some “n*gga shit,” whatever that may mean, “hood” or “ghetto.”

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V-Nasty rapping with guns and sizzurp in her hand as she says n*gga this, n*gga that, sort of seems like modern-day minstrelcy. V-Nasty could damn near be in Black face as much of a mockery she’s been making of what she perceives to be “hood.”

Who knows what’s worse, V-Nasty’s gun-toting, frequent prisons visits, or horrible vocabulary? It’s just plain ignorant. She’s just plain ignorant, and it’s kind of sad.  

Maybe V-Nasty grew up with all Black people in the hood and maybe her baby daddy is Black and maybe her Black friends don’t mind if she uses the n-word, but it’s still cringe-worthy when a white girl who has no idea what it feels like to be judged based on the color of your skin says n*gga every other word. 

The age-old argument of if Black people can say it, why can’t white people say it, is a stupid one. No matter how many times V-Nasty says n*gga, she’ll never know what it feels like to be perceived as a n*gga or less than because of the hue of her skin.

After watching countless videos of V-Nasty saying “my n*ggas,” “n*gga sh*t,” “n*ggas hating,” everyone should just dead the word.

But in the meantime, in between time, V-Nasty, just do us and yourself a favor, stopping saying the word n*gga. It’s not a good look for you, it’s not a good look for Kreayshawn, it offends people and your explanation as to why you say n*gga is sadly ignorant.

~Brittany L. 

Watch the video below and tell us what you think! Also check out pics of V-Nasty on the next few pages!


V-Nasty shows off her pistol.


V-Nasty takes a picture of herself with some sizzurp. 


White Girl Mob, Kreayshawn, Lil Debbie and V-Nasty party it up. 


White Girl Mob, Kreayshawn, Lil Debbie and V-Nasty have fun during a photo shoot. 


V-Nasty shows off her rosary beads. 


V-Nasty takes a picture with a glock. 


V-Nasty snaps a picture of herself. 

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