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Sophie Monk recently turned down a one million dollar offer to pose for Playboy Magazine and we can see why they wanted her. The shoot would have included the cover and a pictorial inside the mag but Sophie gracefully declined concerned it might ruin her chances of landing movie roles.

Moving on, Sophie looked smokin’ hot in these pics taken of her yesterday lounging poolside in Santa Monica. Often criticized for being too thin, the 32-year-old beauty looked super healthy in her tiny snakeskin print bikini which showed off her long lean limbs and tones stomach.

The actress and her friends took a private helicopter to the estate where they soaked up the sun and chatted in the hot tub.

Sounds like fun! Check out the pics.


Sophie rocks a white robe over her snakeskin bikini yesterday in CA.


Sophie looks super fit in her bikini.


Sophie chats with a friend poolside.

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