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UK singer Ellie Goulding has everyone “Starry Eyed” in her new video. 

The blonde singer has released the U.S. version of her hit video for the upbeat electro-pop track. 

Vastly different from the original release of “Starry Eyed,” Ellie and her marketing team figured out a way to capture U.S. audiences. 

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In an inter-gallatic video with a cute boy toy, Ellie admires the stars as she sits in the middle of a field. Captured by the beauty of the stars, Ellie and her leading guy become starry eyed as they look at each other and the sky.

As Ellie runs hand in hand with her beau, the stars drop out of the sky and create a scene as they swirl around on the ground.

GlobalGrind definitely loves the song and thoroughly enjoys the video.

Check out Ellie getting “Starry Eyed” in her new video below! 

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