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Everyone’s favorite pollo loco is back with a fresh new album entitled S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G.

Besides keeping us all entertained via his Twitter, N.O.R.E is readying his album release, taking on a couple new business ventures and surprisingly, on the verge of saying a permanent goodbye, adios and sayonara to his single life, tying the knot with the love of his life in a matter of months.

Noreaga, one half of the rap duo CNN, has dropped six solo albums and has gone through a couple label changes over the years, but now he’s running the show and even partnering up with his good friend Busta Rhymes for the release of his seventh album, which as of right now, already features Lil Wayne and Pharrell.

We got a chance to chat with Noreaga and he filled us in on his newfound energy, bumping into Jay-Z at Pharrell’s Qream launch, saying goodbye to the single life and of course, details on his album.

GlobalGrind: You recently finished shooting a video for “Finito” with Pharrell and Lil Wayne in Miami. How was that and how long did it take to do the whole thing?

N.O.R.E: It was pretty dope, man. It’s hard when you have two superstars on your record, like Pharrell and Lil Wayne. So to get them on the same day wasn’t possible. We had to do two shoots, but it all worked out for the best. We just finally finished Pharrell’s part. We got Tunechi’s part early. That’s pretty much looking good. It took about a week and a half.

Do you have any other features on the album?

I don’t think I’m going to reveal any this second. What I’m doing, I’m rearranging somethings so I just don’t know what’s the move. So until I do know, I’m going to be quiet.

You’re going to move some things around and see what works?

Yeah, we’re going to try a couple jabs and see what works and I got plans.

The album is called S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G. We noticed Superthug is an acronym, what does it stand for?

Yeah, the album is called Superthug, the Super part stands for Santiago Usually Preps Every Run.

Speaking of Superthug, we hear you’re getting married this August. How do you think marriage is going to change your “Superthug-ness”?

Yeah September, late August. I don’t think it’s going to change anything. I think it’s going to add on to it. I’ve always been a one-woman type of dude.

How did you guys meet?

I was in Miami, it was the anniversary or the second anniversary of my father’s death, I was having dinner by myself and I bumped into her.

So it was like love at first sight?


Big wedding or small wedding?

We both want a small wedding, just like a Vegas type thing, get married and wil’ out. I couldn’t believe that was her dream. That was my dream and her dream, it was like, wow so f*ck it, let’s just do it like that and that’s what we’re about to do. It’s like we’ve already been married. Look at you, getting the Superthug all sensitive.


Changing lanes a little bit, the world of music just lost Amy Whinehouse. What are your thoughts on her death?

That really messed me up because for a long time I was amongst everyone else, we were laughing. We thought she was just an out of control drunk alchoholic but we all thought she would eventually get it together and for it to do that, that was real sad man. I read Nas’ tweets. I can tell Nas was really destroyed by it man and that just hurt me as well.

Originally it was announced that you were signing to Busta Rhymes’ Conglomerate, but it’s really a partnership right? How did that come about?

Bus’ and me have been brothers forever. It’s just something that we’re doing. I can’t sign nowhere to nobody, I just been in the game for so long. That’s the only thing I can offer someone is to be a partner with them. I’m a boss! ‘Meek Millz voice.’ I’m happy to do business with everybody, especially my brother. We’re just having fun again, me, him, Fat Joe. They’re my peers. I got to see Hov the other day. Hov told me I’m looking young. I feel good.


You are looking young in your new video.

Yeah, ask Russell. He was there too. I’ve been a vegan for awhile. I slip up every now and then but I’m definitely a fan of yoga. I would never actually try to do yoga publicly, but I’m a big fan of what Russell does. I gave up meat for awhile. I’ve been on my vegetarian life for quite some time. I told Russ that and we took a flick together, that’s the godfather of hip- hop. Everything is feeling good; it’s a new energy. They say follow the energy. When the energy is just right, you just got to follow the energy.

You bumped into Russell at Pharrell’s Qream Launch party right? Did you taste it?

Yeah, If I say I ‘liked’ it, would you look at me different?

Your “superthugness” overshadows it, so you’re good.

I don’t think anybody would mistake me for being flagrant or anything, but I liked it. I drank one and the lady came back and she said, ‘Oh you know what, we need to mix yours with Ciroc.’ So I mixed the Ciroc, the Qream and I kind of got a little bit of thug thing going on out of that. It wasn’t just regular, so it felt pretty cool. I’m a fan. I wanted to come out that night and support Pharrell, I was glad to see Hov there that night. I was glad to see Swizz Beats. I was glad to talk to my peers and speak about things other than business. Hov talked about how young I look, I talked about how young he looks because he looked young to me too. I guess the gym is paying off for us. He said he doesn’t feel old, so how could he be old and I had to agree with the man. I’m 33 years old. Michael Jordan started the second part of his career at 33. Jesus started to do the best things of his life at 33 years old, so I’m just getting started and I’m having so much fun with the game. I had to get past certain things in my life and I got past those things and there aren’t any black clouds following us anymore. I believe in God and I believe God has a path for me to walk. I’m going to be 100 percent honest and I don’t want to sound stupid, but I’m actually just following energy. It’s not like I’m just sitting around waking up like tomorrow I’m going to wake up and get on the phone with GlobalGrind. I’m just following the energy. Wherever the energy happen I’m following it. I’m a big fan of Blogxilla and what y’all doing over there, so me just getting on the phone with y’all is wonderful.


We recently saw a trailer on your website for the movie JoyRide releasing this Fall with Wood Harris. How was it working with him again?

I did that movie so long ago. They actually called me and asked me, would you like to come to a private screening for the movie JoyRide and I thought they were lying because I didn’t know that I did that movie. Because when I did, it wasn’t called Joyride. So I want to big up to the people that changed the title to Joyride and I apologize for not knowing what you were talking about because obviously you see they filmed it and sent it to us. Wood Harris is my guy. I actually did that film pretty much around the same time as Paid In Full. It was really funny, because Wood Harris helped me rehearse for Paid In Full before he helped me rehearse for this and it was like, damn you got two good roles and I totally forgot about the movie. I guess I must be getting back hot because they’re like N.O.R.E.’s in this movie too and I’m like, damn right I am. I would love to hit the red carpet. I don’t who put this together, but when I hit the red carpet I’m going to make sure I run five miles, make sure I have wheatgrass and blue algae and shots of ginger, so I can look, smell and feel good walking down that red carpet.

You’re a big movie fanatic, right?

Yeah, I’m a fanatic, a movie buff like a motherfu*ker.

What five movies have you seen recently that you would recommend everyone see this summer?

Limitless, Transformers, Captain America, Hangover II and … I’m going to cut my losses right there. I’m going to say those four.

Who are your favorite new artists?

Favorite new artist is “I’m A Boss”! Meek Millz baby. It’s crazy, he’s a Philly nigga. I fuck with Philly niggas. Them niggas are crazy retarded people. I love those niggas, that’s my family from Philly.

Have you heard of Kreayshawn?

Yeah, I don’t agree with her using the word nigga.

Actually it’s not her it’s her group mate, V-Nasty.

Yeah, I just don’t agree with it. It just doesn’t look good. I think they’re way too talented for that. I like “Louie Louie Gucci Gucci Fendi Fendi Prada Prada Prada Aba Aba Aba Aba.” I think it’s cool, but I think it a coward way. Eminem sold millions of records and he never had to use the N word, so I think hopefully they keep doing their thing. But I don’t agree with that, no.


Who’s your favorite person you’re following on Twitter?

Mmm… My favorite person to follow on twitter is N.O.R.E.A.G.A! I digged Kanye but then he started getting personal a little bit. I thought Kanye’s was the best because it was emotionless, but then he put out something about eating her pussy and that was wild for me. I mean everybody has feelings, but I always thought Kanye was just one of those people that didn’t. He’s one of my heroes. I look up to Kanye. I would never tell him, I don’t mind if you put it up there but in a vulnerable state, I kind of got thrown off a little bit but big him up, big up Wiz, big up Amber. I hope they can all get it together because hip-hop is beautiful right now. Everybody is doing everybody. I’m so honored to be still having fun in this game. I’m having fun in this game and I don’t want no drama around so if I can help there goes my words of inspiration. I hope Wiz has a wonderful career and I think Kanye has been doing what he has to do for a long time and that’s my take on the whole I know, I ain’t nobody, they got their own shit.

Do you think Amber’s nude pictures leaking will effect her career?

I’m not a fan of the leaked pictures, not to say I’m not a fan of HER leaked pictures. I’m not a fan of the shit period, because it’s like low class. I could understand if the person did it themselves, but if the person didn’t do it themselves and you can’t find the direct link that the person did it themselves, I think that’s classless. You know a lot of the times, I don’t want to sound corny, especially after telling you I’m about to get married, when I see leaked pictures I don’t click on them to be honest. I’m not trying to get points from you or points from girls, but I’m telling you the 100 percent honest truth, I’m not a fan of that shit. I’m a private person, so when I see other people’s private lives invaded, I’m not a fan of that.

What other couples do you look up to? 

Of course Jay-Z and Bey because they’re both public figures and they both keep their relationship private. Of course, you have to be a fan of that.


N.O.R.E on set of “Finito” with Fat Joe and Pharrell.


N.O.R.E’s latest video feat. Pharrell “Like That Way.”