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As industry insiders packed the quaint Hayden Planetarium inside New York’s American Museum Of Natural History, greatness filled the air. 

A giddy Kanye West and a calm, but happy Jay-Z invited a who’s who of the music industry and music’s top journalists to experience and listen to their much anticipated album Watch The Throne

It’s been almost a year since fans first got word that Jay-Z was heading back down the road of doing a collaborative album, but this time he enlisted the talents of his good friend Kanye West.

After the release of their first single “H.A.M,” the unexpected drop of “Otis” and rumored slapping matches, GlobalGrind finally got to hear the finished product. And boy, was it nothing short of amazing!

AUDIO: Jay-Z Addresses The Kanye Fight: “Yes, We Get On Each Other’s Nerves, But…”

Entering in another galaxy, musically and literally, Watch The Throne blared through the speakers as listeners sped past the Earth in search of the sun.

Track after track came in a different sound, a good sound, topped with witty ill-ass lyrics. Jay and ‘Ye boasted lyrics that left a lot of the rap game’s bad habit of glorifying materialism behind and connected to the souls of each listener. 

Tapping into classic hard-hitting hip-hop beats, guitar rifts of rock, soulful melodies of R&B and classic soul, Jay-Z and Kanye didn’t miss a damn thing when creating Watch The Throne.

After an hour of being on another planet, the lights came on and Kanye West eagerly greeted his guests. Wearing a black checkered button up, Kanye greatfully thanked the music journalists and industry insiders for coming.

After re-emerging back to reality and evaluating what just happened musically, we soon realized that Kanye and Jay don’t need to warn people to Watch The Throne, because in an hour the throne was taken and they were the ones who took it.

Check out Beyonce, Busta Rhymes, Kelly Rowland and many more celebs at the Watch The Throne listening session on the next few pages! 


Beyonce and Kelly Rowland at the Watch the Throne listening session in NYC. 


Jay-Z was all smiles at the Watch the Throne listening session.


Kanye swags it out. 


Jay-Z explains the creative process behind Watch The Throne.


Busta Rhymes stopped by to check out Watch The Throne.


The always beautiful Solange Knowles came to support her brother-in-law.


Q-Tip helped produce a few tracks on Watch The Throne


Kelly Rowland came to support her good friend Jay-Z. 


Jada Pinkett-Smith came to support Jay-Z and Kanye. 

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