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Kanye West said, “No one man should have all that power.”

So why not divvy up that power between two people? 

‘Ye and Jay did just that. Reigning as the two modern-day kings of hip-hop, who are respectively different, but cosmically the same, Kanye and Jay are each other’s ying and yang.

Kanye is the king of encompassing the era of classic soul while incorporating and appreciating the art of opera. He expertly captures the classical influences of creating a musical score and brings it all to the forefront of his interpretation of hip-hop.

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Jay-Z, on the other hand, is the king of bringing his listeners to the “ghetto without riding around.” He has mastered the art of appreciating music of all genres while keeping his delivery street.

Being the great businessman he is, Jay has capitalized on delivering hard hip-hop to the mainstream, which is why he’s continuously launched into the category of rap greats.

It’s kind of hard to fathom, two great rappers, two different styles, two well-stroked egos, working together to produce one amazing album in one figurative castle.   

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Only a select few people were lucky enough to join Kanye and Jay during their Watch The Throne listening session last night, but the beauty behind Watch The Throne was that while listening to track after track, you could feel their souls through the speakers. 

Watch The Throne isn’t just rap music, it isn’t just hip-hop, it isn’t just rock and roll and it isn’t just classic soul, it is an embodiment of all musical genres and most importantly, the embodiment of Jay’s ying to Kanye’s yang.  

All we have to say is … all you other rappers should seriously watch the throne. 


Jay-Z and Kanye West are two modern day rap kings. 


Kanye has all the “Power.”


Jay-Z ditches the baggy white tee for a suit. 


Kanye is the king of his castle. 


Jay looks mighty daper in his brown velvet suit. 


Kanye shows off his jewels.


Jay-Z performs in a cream tux.


‘Ye turns his swag up to a million for this photo shoot. 


Jay looks very handsome in his classic black and white tuxedo.