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Today we see that a woman has attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida, while Tiger Woods loses millions.

Hero of the Day

Who: Diana Nyad

What Happened: Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, who attempted to become the first person to swim between Cuba and Florida without a shark cage, was forced to abandon her effort early this morning. 

Nyad, who is 61, struggled through ocean swells, shoulder pain and asthma Monday, before she was forced to give up the 103-mile swim.


Numbers Game

Number: 634

Where: U.S. Market

What Happened: To be completely honest with you, the day at the stock market did not go well. The Dow was down 634 points. Which is, we have to tell you, not good. It’s actually the sixth largest one-day drop in history.


Money On My Mind

Whose Wallet: Tiger Woods

Weight: $10 million

How They Hustled: Luxury watch maker Tag Heuer ended its deal with Tiger Woods, according to Golf World, when his current contract ‘expired.’

The contract is believed to be worth more than $10 million and the Swiss firm is the sixth major sponsor to drop Woods following revelations about his personal life two years ago.


Better than Fiction

Character: Drug Smugglers

Plot Line: Three Mexican nationals in a fishing boat certainly chose the wrong place to try and smuggle drugs into the United States.

Just down the coast from where crowds were gathering to watch 10-time world champion Kelly Slater compete in the U.S Open of Surfing, they were spotted and arrested by police attempting to enter the country illegally.


Shame On You

Who: Idiot

Where: Arizona

What Happened: A man in Chandler, Arizona, accidentally shot off his own manhood with his girlfriend’s pink pistol. Nobody cared, not even the news reporters! Watch below: 


This Day In History

Year: 1945

What Happened: On this day in 1945, a second atom bomb is dropped on Japan by the United States, at Nagasaki, resulting finally in Japan’s unconditional surrender. 

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