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The web is buzzing about Kelly Rowland‘s “special friend” and rumored boyfriend Tim Weatherspoon.

While rumors stated Tim might have been the reason behind Kelly leaving her former manager, Devyne Stephens, we know Kelly still refers to herself as single.

PHOTOS: Kelly’s Celebration Dinner With Tim

When asked about her relationship status by The Mirror, a London tabloid, Kelly said:

“I’m actually single, but you know you have your little things on the side. There’s nobody I’m dating, but I have a special friend.”

Could that special friend be her manager Tim Weatherspoon?

The two were spotted together again last night at dinner and previously on the beach, leaving many to question if there is something going on with Kelly Rowland and Tim.

While information about Tim isn’t easy to find on the internet, we do know one thing for sure. Tim is doing great things with Kelly’s career!

Whether she’s in a serious relationship with Tim or not, that’s for them to know and for all of us to find out!


Kelly Rowland leaving NBC followed by rumored “special friend” Tim Weatherspoon.


Kelly Rowland with Tim Weatherspoon in the background.


Kelly Rowland followed by “special friend” Tim Weatherspoon.


Kelly Rowland and Tim Weatherspoon.