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George Lopez‘s show Lopez Tonight is officially coming to an end.

The final show is set to air tomorrow night on TBS after just two seasons.

The affable comedian’s late night talk show always made guests seem larger than life and became known as a great platform for entertainers of color to gain exposure.

The legendary Prince even made one of his very rare television appearances on the show. It will be missed.

An interesting part of the story is that Conan O’Brien‘s show took over George’s spot at 11 p.m. Eastern Time and was to serve as a lead-in for George’s show, which was bumped to midnight.

Apparently the ratings for George’s show dropped 40 percent because of the switch.

The same thing happened to Conan when Jay Leno bumped him to a later time slot, resulting in a drawn out, highly publicized beef between the two.

In an ironic twist it seems Conan, unintentionally, put the Leno kibosh on Lopez.