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Frank Ocean is a creative genius who has kicked down the doors of the music industry in an extraordinary short amount of time. 

The Lousiana-bred OFWGTKA member makes his first cover debut on the cover of the Aug/Sept issue of FADER.

As a melodic singer/writer, Frank has taken the world by storm with his mixtape Nostalgia/Utra and is now currently heavily featured on Kanye and Jay-Z’s epic collaboration album Watch the Throne. 

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For the first time,we get an inside look into who Frank Ocean is, how he feels about music and the inner workings of Odd Future.

On his singing: “I knew the only way I could make it a livelihood and make a living off of it was because I was great at it. I didn’t want it to be my hobby, I wanted it to be my career.”

On his writing: “The writing for me, is the easiest part. I was looking for another word besides easy, but that’s the part that’s the most natural to me. I never felt like I had a crazy, natural talent for singing.”

On Odd Future: “I met them at a function my homie John-O was throwing in the valley. Each of us are pretty autonomous, but we will all benefit from being associated with one another.”

On his music: “I’m really trying to create this environment around the song that makes the listener feel like they’re in this place and they’re hearing the story and not only are they hearing it, they’re really seeing it.”

On his life now: “All the shit lately is kind of therapeutic. Being an artist is not just about the music. That’s the nucleus of everything, that’s the shit that everything’s revolving around, and why everything’s revolving to begin with, you know and spinning and shit. And its cool to do all of it, you know, videos, photography, putting together artwork, blah, blah, blah.”

Make sure you grab the new FADER at your local newstand. Also check out their website for more exclusive content. 

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