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Beyonce‘s hubby Jay-Z told us to the Watch The Throne, but instead of referring to his rap career with Kanye West, Jay should have been referring to his wife Beyonce! 

Beyonce is the king of music entertainment. Yes, we said king.

No, she’s not a queen, because the term queen is limited to only female competition and if you’ve ever been to a Beyonce show, you know that she out performs male and females alike in the music game.

Reigning as one of the best and most entertaining, Beyonce works harder than any other male or female artist, period. 

Referring to Beyonce as a king may raise a few eyebrows, but no worries, the reigning diva has been referring to herself as “King Bey” for the past couple of weeks and she has good reason. 

EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce Proves She’s More Than A Queen At Roseland Ballroom

Last week, Beyonce sold out four shows in a quick mind-boggling 22 seconds, leaving many other artists scratching their heads as to how she did it. 

Well, it’s called the Beyonce effect. 

Beyonce is known to put on a show-stopping performance, where she makes her audience members feel as if they’re on another planet with her. 

Whether it’s her aerial acts, stellar dance sequences, or riveting ballad numbers, Beyonce puts on for her city, her country and most importantly, herself.

Besides her husband, no one else is giving Beyonce a run for her money. No one. 

Yes, Lady Gaga comes in as second runner up, but without her head-scratching antics, or crazy gimmicks, she’d be just another artist. 

Beyonce doesn’t need a gimmick, she doesn’t need a meat dress, or a gigantic egg. Beyonce needs a stage and a mic to leave her fans wanting more. 

After last night’s Roseland Ballroom concert, Beyonce has many music critics in awe, wondering how she does it all. 

The way Beyonce packages herself and her brand is unlike any other artist out there and with that said, she can no longer be just the queen of music, she must be the king. 

So scoot over Jay and ‘Ye, Beyonce needs some space, because she’s in the running to take that throne right out from under you.