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This story is about nothing more than the brain-busting pondering of celebrity bliss and all the things they do that make you go hmmm … To get your brain running during midday, GlobalGrind has presented celebrity imponderables.

There may be no specific explanation or reason, but GlobalGrind is sure that ‘hmmm’ moments will serve as good brain candy.

Things that make you go hmmm … is a small collection of humorous questions or statements that will leave you baffled.

Michele Bachmann with a weiner in her mouth, nice! 

We knew those Tea Party Republicans were low down dirty dogs, but we didn’t know Michele Bachmann loved putting huge corn dogs in her mouth. 

We thought Michele was a little more conservative than that!

When GlobalGrind got a hold of this picture, we said hmmm … wonder if we’ve finally caught a glimpse of Michele’s best side!

Check out more hilarious things that make you go hmmm on the next few pages!


Is that you Halle Berry?! Oh, we couldn’t really tell if that was you, but now that we know, hmmm…


Three words for David Beckham: got jock itch? 


Kaleena from Dirty-Diddy Money celebrated her birthday with two loved friends, that animal around her neck and the animal on her head. We love you Kaleena … but, hmmm.


Really, Arnold? Really?! No further words needed.


Either model Candice Swanepoel loves her t*ttays a lot, or she’s giving herself a personal mammogram. 


Is that a vest or a dress?! Jason Derulo was spotted out wearing a knee length leather “drest” or what we call a vest-dress.

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