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We’re so glad that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are back!

Earlier this week, Red Hot Chili Peppers gave us a brief snippet of what to expect from their new video “The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie,” and now they gave us the whole hot video.

HOUSE REAL BIG: Red Hot Chili Peppers $4.7 Million Mansion

“The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie” is a classic rock video that captures the essence of California. 

Shot on the roof of a California building, Red Hot Chili Peppers performed a concert on the top of a building. 

As the crowd began to grow, Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked out and danced the roof off.

As people from Venice Beach came off the shore to the inlet, a crowd of thousands cheered Red Hot Chili Peppers as they rocked out. 

The video is pretty dope, check it out below!

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