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Trey Songz is one of the hottest R&B singers in the game, and he’s keeping himself hot by wearing “Evolution.” 

“Evolution” is the smell of sexy, which makes it the perfect cologne for the uber-talented and certainly sexy Trey Songz.

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Being the face of Rocawear, Trey Songz’s mass appeal to the ladies and his swagged out demeanor has every woman in America wanting their man to smell like Trigga.

GlobalGrind caught up with the R&B singer while he was in New York to talk about his new cologne, his lady fans, and of course his music. 

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GlobalGrind: Evolution smells extremely sexy, it’s warm. I know a lot of females are going to want to have on their man. How was the process of picking out that perfect scent?

Trey Songz: Well, warm is actually a great word, I wish I had that on the last interview. The process was just making sure it does have that comforting feeling. I wasn’t there in the initial process of picking out everything to go around it, but just smelling as it developed, having different testing bottles sent to me on the road while I’m on tour. Actually having test bottles sent to me in Europe like “change this a little bit” and being out on the road and not going into the lab because I’m so frequently on the road. Probably for the last year we’ve been talking about it. I’ve been aligned with Rocawear for a long time. I’ve toured with Jay last year and this is where the initial basis of the conversation started and of course we lined up with the clothing. We had the conversation about the fragrance and I said “Jay, if it smell good I’m with it.” So we got it to where I love it and now it’s in stores.

How did you know Evolution was “it”?

When you’re wearing it and it’s not out yet and everyone wants to know what it is. I’m like “I can’t tell ya.” I do a lot of meet and greets and I have it on, that was kind of like a test run for it. I spray it in my neck area and when I go to hug the girls we actually count how many “what is that you have on,” we take note of that.


How many have you had?

It depends. We’ve had up to like 30 in one meet and greet where it’s like 50 people. So what’s that? 75-80 percent?

That’s a lot. And the ladies love to throw their panties to you on stage, so with this new cologne it’s going to double.

Yes, definitely. On a serious note, the parallel between myself and Evolution is just what Rocawear has grown to be from the 90s to where it is now. You can really see that it’s coming to be something totally different from what it was when it began and it’s conception. And if you look at me it’s definitely the same process. Year by year trying to better the brand, and that’s what I think we have in common.

You’ve been in Barbados with J. Cole and Rihanna, on tour, doing all these shows, putting out all this music. How do you do it all?

I really couldn’t tell you. It’s a machine behind me that truly helps me operate. Between my staff, between my fans, between the will within myself just to better myself and keep putting out music and keep growing, keep evolving, keep challenging myself more so as well. Within the last few years, really since the beginning of my career I’ve been working hard nonstop and that’s instilled within me I think.



What is the inspiration behind your music in general?

Outside of my initial inspirations is those that came before me. Everybody knows R. Kelly influenced a lot of my style, the basis of who I am as an R&B singer. I listened to a lot of Jay-Z coming up, Biggie, Nas. Even now today a lot of new cats doing music are so dope. Bruno [Mars] is amazing. Miguel is crazy. Drake, of course, a friend of mine is very dope. He’s one of the artists that actually push me the most. You got Jay and Kanye who just dropped. Big Sean who’s stupid dope. Music right now is getting to a place where creativity is welcomed more than ever.

If you could do your own Watch The Throne thing with another R&B artist who would it be?

The first artist that comes to mind is Drake, just because we have that comfort zone. It’s definitely a zone that we step into. Then it’d probably be Chris Brown.

Evolution is definitely going to turn the ladies on for sure. What are three things that turn you on to women?

Confidence, fragrance, and I like a mysterious vibe. You always should give a man something to look forward to. He should never know everything that’s going on with you. That goes for men too. I believe everybody likes a sense of mystery. I know that women feel that way, they don’t want to know everything about you. And in a lot of cases a lot of women do know everything, which is kind of tough.

If you went to a deserted island and could take any three albums with you what would they be?

Marvin Gaye’s Vulnerable, Jay-Z’s In My Lifetime: Volume 1, and Best of Sade. 

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