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La La Anthony is the ultimate trendsetter and whenever she steps out people are always jocking her swag. So when our guest editor, La La told us about her favorite pair of baller shoes, we knew why all eyes are all on her.

When La La stepped on the court for Carmelo’s first game as a Knick in the Garden she pulled out her favorite Louboutins.

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“I have pair of blue Christian Louboutins that I wore to Melo’s first game as a NY Knick and those shoes made quite a stir. People were like ‘Oh my god!’ These shoes were amazing and I love those shoes because to me it was a beautiful [moment] but more importantly it marked his first night at the Garden which, for us was the biggest deal ever.”

“It was such a surreal moment, to know these are the shoes I wore when I stepped on the Garden, when I stepped down there to celebrate him becoming a Knick so that has a special meaning to me.”