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The Weeknd and Drake get into “The Zone” on his new mixtape Thursday

The Weeknd dropped his highly anticipated mixtape Thursday last Thursday, and of course the mixtape featured his Toronto homie Drake. 

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The mellow slow-tempo track boasts The Weeknd’s airy falsettos as he sings about zoning out while thinking about a romance. 

Drake comes through on the track with some fire. Drake raps about his interpretation of artists and the countless women he’s involved with. 

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Drake raps, “Whoa/All these broken hearts on that pole/man if pole dancing is an art/do you know how many f*cking artists I know/got some new bills in the mail/got some big favors I owe/got some good thangs ahead of me/when these bad b*tches let go.”

It’s that OVO and that XO…your girlfriend will be at their next show. 

Take a listen to “The Zone” below!

The Weeknd Featuring Drake “The Zone” by GlobalGrind