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Lil Wayne gets sentimental in his new video “How To Love.”

“How To Love” chronicles the life of a young woman, who has never been taught how to give love nor receive love. 

Lil Wayne keeps it chill as he sings in an empty hallway, while the storyline of the leading lady unfolds. 

“How To Love” begins with the woman’s life as a young girl when she didn’t have a caring father. As the video progresses, her life spirals out of control. 

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The woman’s constant need for attention from men lands her pregnant, stripping and worst of all, she ends up with HIV. 

Just when you think the storyline ends, Lil Wayne plays back the same young woman’s life and parallels it as if she received a different kind of upbringing. 

Weezy shows what her life would have been if she were taught “How To Love” and it depicts her in school, graduating college and being a healthy and committed relationship. 

See how Lil Wayne teaches women “How To Love” in the video below!