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It’s traditional that every Labor Day weekend in NYC, all roads lead to Brooklyn for the West Indian Labor Day Carnival. It’s also traditional that this week in the music business is the calm before the storm.

The storm being the 4th quarter of the year when the biggest artists line up to drop the albums before the new year. This year looks to be no different.

Celebrating Carnival Brooklyn-style, we salute Kingston, Jamacia’s own ‘Gangsta for Life’ Mavado. Dj Khaled inked him to his We The Best Music Group.

This week “Emergency” hit the airwaves and shook dancefloors from Church Avenue to Little Haiti to Tivoli Gardens in Kingston. Boi-1da put together a nice record that will no doubt get Mavado more luv in the clubs all over. Ace Hood lends a dope 16 to his lablemate on this as well.

Too bad this didn’t have a chance to marinate for a whole summer with listeners. “Emergency” easily could have been the anthem on the Parkway in Brooklyn this weekend.


Estelle is one of the dopest, most creative, dynamically pure artists you will ever get the pleasure of hearing. When you hear her voice it’s all about happiness and fun. Usually a remix won’t get written about, but the “Break My Heart Rmx” which features Jadakiss, Swizz Beats and Busta is a classic.

Remember how Lil Wayne‘s energy made Lloyd‘s “You” record into a hit? The same applies here. A remix can always breath life into a record. Estelle even spits a crazy 16 bar that sounds neither forced or rehearsed. She’s a B-Boy at heart.


Dee-1 has been waging a silent war to save young peoples lives through music. The New Orleans hip-hop artist has kept his name hot this year by putting out respectable hip-hop music your grandmother could appreciate.

This week he leaked “Neva Clocking Out.” The message in this record is too real. Dee’s play on words is borderline hood to an average listener, but has a much deeper meaning when you really listen to what he’s saying.

The beat that DJ Fu and Chin Chilla crafted makes this a certified headknocker. Dee is no minister, but his gospel in rhyme is an inspiration for young people worldwide.


P Diddy just made the fastest gun in the West a BadBoy. That’s right. The midwest mobbin’ Machine Gun Kelly is on Puff’s team. Hip-hop music’s self proclaimed Steve O linked up with the ATL wild child Wocka Flacka for this Lex Lugar tainted riot-track “Wild Boy.”

Kelly is a master wordsmith that can put nouns, verbs, adverbs and ad-libs together faster than a Usain Bolt false start. If you don’t know Wocka Flacka, you don’t listen to hip-hop anything. Whether it’s a flash mob or music, Machine Gun Kelly is causing mayhem.


Swizz Beatz is living the life. He has arguably the most beautiful lady in the universe as his wife. He is the coolest international bro on the earth. Just ask Reebok, who is owned by the German company Adidas, why they hired him to give their sneaker a much needed marketing makeover.

His worldwide appeal is apparent in his music as well. Peep this new Chris Brown collabo track he leaked called “Trumpet Lights.” It weird, but it’s why we love Swizz!

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