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No one knows why, but Skylar Grey always feels “Invisible,” especially in her new video. 

The “I Need A Doctor” singer wears her heart on her sleeve as she reflects in her new video “Invisible.” 

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As Skylar walks around in a city where no one pays attention to her and life passes her by, she sings about the issues that make her feel non-existent. 

Dressed in her favorite color, gray, Skylar lives life as an invisible person. 

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Sitting next to strangers at a bus stop, Skylar sings while she’s on fire and to her dismay, no one notices.

Her song “Invisible” is a dope song that talks about issues like feeling ugly, changing for other people and disorders like self-mutilation and anorexia. 

Find out how “Invisible” Skylar is in the video below!