Beyonces pregnancy cravings are front page news!

We’ve learned that while Beyonce is traveling the world, walking through Tribeca and simply going about her everyday life, she has been craving some pretty strange things.

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According to one insider, the “Why Don’t You Love Me” singer has been eating lots of Oreo cookies, gherkin pickles and ice cream with hot chili sauce.

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Hey, whatever Jay-Z and Bey’s baby wants, he/she gets!

Another one of Beyonce’s wild pregnancy cravings are croissants with melted chocolate on them. Now that sounds yummy. 

But pregnant Beyonce is not eating all weird stuff, she’s also been getting the 5-star treatment from Jay, who is pretty nice in the kitchen.

According to Digital Spy: “Jay has been cooking for her — something he used to do all the time. He’s a really good cook and has been pulling out all the stops for her.”

Beyonce’s going to be extremely bootylicious after she drops this baby!

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