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Demi Lovato has been gushing about her hip-pop collaboration with famed producers Missy Elliott and Timbaland, and now we have “All Night Long.”

Demi’s new track is an uptempo banger that will make you want to dance “All Night Long.” 

Riddled with Timbaland’s signature sound and Missy’s classic adlibs, Demi Lovato’s new track is definitely a far cry from her somber song “Skyscraper.”

VIDEO: Demi Lovato Rises To The Top In “Skyscraper”

“All Night Long” has a very catchy hook. Demi belts out “don’t make plans, come on with me, we’ll stay up all night long,I want you in, I want you bad, let’s keep the party going all night long, all night long.”

Missy comes through on the track with her witty rhymes, “We can party all night/wanna spend the night/will you be my type/by the end of the night/we can pillow fight/yo this is real nice/ come closer, cuz I don’t bite.”

Take a listen to “All Night Long” below!


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