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Imagine you walk into the club, you’re hanging with your friends vibing to the music blaring from the speakers. You look to see where the music is coming from and you see an iPod hooked up to the sound system? Anything wrong with this picture? Where is the DJ?

In an era where technology is replacing individuals, it is our duty as fans to not let that happen to the DJ. The DJ is the person who is most overlooked when it comes to music. The artist gets the most love, then the producer and even the writer, but what about the person who is actually spinning the records? Where is the love for the DJ? 

Deejaying is an art form that is overlooked and not given the respect and praise that it deserves. Pioneer DJs like DJ Red Alert and Jam Master Jay paved the way for the newer generation of DJs to come through and showcase a talent that they love. Go back in time and think about when you heard your favorite song. Most likely the song was being spun and mixed by a DJ. How would we have heard Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya” if it wasn’t for Mister Cee sounding off on the record? As fans we all listen and tune in to hear Funkmaster Flex drop his infamous bombs on a hot record.

With the untimely death of DJ Mehdi, it is important to not forget the earliest origin of music and that is with the DJs.

STORY: DJ Mehdi, World Famous Spinner, Dies In Accident

DJs break records and bring life to the tracks that the artists make. As fans, we must salute and respect these individuals for being such a big part of music and a part of our lives. If it wasn’t for music a lot of us would be lost, but if it wasn’t for the DJ, would we hear the music?

Nina Long