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There’s a new boss on The Office and after much speculation, the replacement for Steve Carrell has finally been revealed!

While many people thought it might be Jim or Dwight, we just found out the new boss is Andy Bernard!

STORY: Steve Carrell The Office “Screw That Show”

Last summer, Steve Carrell announced he would be leaving the hit show after seven seasons. Now, with Dunder Mifflin in need of a new Regional Manager, Andy Bernard stepped up to the plate.

Ed Helms, who plays Andy, got into character and revealed Andy’s feelings about the new position.

“Andy is a boss who is terrified of being a boss. He is making an overt attempt to step up his game. And just as me the actor, Ed Helms, is feeling pressure and excitement about stepping into a larger role like this, Andy Bernard, the character, is also feeling a hell of a lot of pressure and anxiety,” he told TV Line. 

“And that is a lot of fun to watch unfold — especially when juxtaposed with James Spader’s fabulous Robert California. Andy has always struggled with a little bit of anger. And he has some real perception gaps; there’s a giant chasm between how he sees himself and how others see him. In some ways, Michael Scott really believed he was a great manager. Andy’s not quite there yet.”

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