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Hey guys!

Today is the last episode of All My Children on ABC. I woke up to hundreds of messages from fans from all social media regarding their sadness of “the end.” So, to all my fans:

I’m overwhelmed and touched by all the emails, tweets and Facebook messages regarding today’s last episode of All My Children

I know it’s a very sad day for the show’s fans, some who have been watching their entire lives, for those especially who have been watching the entire run of the show (41 years!). I know it’s heartbreaking to see our beloved show go (for now). However, rest assured you will see all your fave actors again. Somewhere!

Know that when we taped today’s episode back in August we too were sad, we too shed tears, but we also were celebrating.

Celebrating the opportunity we had to touch each of your lives everyday. Celebrating the blessing we were given as actors to come together everyday as a family, supporting each other not only professionally, but personally as well. 

Our last day on set was an emotional roller coaster, moments of pure sadness and moments of hysterical laughter. 

So today as fans watch the last show to air on ABC, I only ask that they find one moment to smile. Just as we did when taping, find an opportunity to celebrate. 

Today, All My Children may go [off air], but the love affairs we had in Pine Valley live in our hearts forever.

Denise Vasi

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