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You may have heard about J.R. Martinez, the Iraq veteran and actor from All My Children who suffered serious burn injuries when he was 19 and who is now a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

As miraculous as his survival was, what’s even more impressive is the determination and strength he has acquired over the years and how he showed audiences last night that he ain’t letting anything bring him down.

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Strutting out his steps with his partner Karina Smirnoff, J.R. proved that it takes heart and courage to really move people.

Audiences were grabbing for tissues like they were twenty dollar bills after J.R revealed that his most memorable year was the one he was seriously wounded and scarred.

J.R.’s performances have been strong since day one. He’s always dancing with plenty of style and flair and not a single audience has been able to stay in their seats.

PHOTOS: J.R. Martinez Before And After The Accident

Though one of the judges made a critique about his arm movements, the audience and just about everyone in the building disagreed and gave up the longest standing ovation in Dancing with the Stars history.

In the audience was also his guest, teenager Jenna Bullen, who had suffered burns on more than 95 percent of her body due to a water heater accident when she was three.

J.R. earned himself 26 well-deserved points that night, putting him in a great position.

The man has fought in one of the deadliest countries in the world and suffered horrible injuries, and still kept on fighting. We see no reason why he will do any different on this season of DWTS!

Go J.R.!

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