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Fresh off the stage of her off-Broadway show Love Lost and What I Wore, La La Anthony was on the scene to check out Raphael Mazzucco’s installation, CULO, hosted by Diddy and Jimmy Iovine at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in Chelsea last night.

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Carmelo’s wifey has been adjusting to the NYC scene since her husband was traded to the Knicks earlier this year, and the city is accepting her with open arms, open bars and off-Broadway productions.

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La La took some time out from CULO-gazing to chat exclusively with GlobalGrind about some venue appropriate butt jokes, and to talk about her clothing-centric Off-Broadway show, as well as how Kim Kardashian supports her acting.

From being a full-time mother and friend, to juggling a career and making appearances, La La proves she is a true renaissance woman.

GlobalGrind: What are you checking out here tonight?

La La Anthony: Butts! I am checking out butts! I am looking at this one and I want a butt like that, so I have to change my regimen up! No, I am just kidding. I am here having fun with my friends.

How much would you be willing to pay for one of these butts?

Uh, a lot!

Would you hang it in your living room?

Yes! I would … but then again I have a four year old so maybe in my bedroom. Yep in my bedroom, I would hang it there.

Tell us a little bit about what is going on with La La’s Full Court Life; how are you enjoying the feedback from the show?

It has been amazing. People are watching, the ratings are through the roof and they seem to be really in to it, so I am just so happy that people are supporting. I also just starred in my first off Broadway play called Love Loss and What I Wore and it is currently showing at the West Side Theater. So tonight Jonathan, Kim and the whole crew came to the show to support, me so I am really excited about that.

What kind of feedback are you expecting from your Off Broadway play?

People will get to see me as an actress and not necessarily as a host of anything.

La La will be a part of the Love Lost and What I Wore cast until October 30th.