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Albanian beauty and swimwear designer Angela Martini has been busy, but not so much so that she couldn’t clue us in on what went down when she interviewed recording artist Theophilus London for the new issue of Lovecat magazine.

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We caught up with Angela last week and here’s what she told us!

GlobalGrind: How was your shoot for Lovecat magazine with Theophilus London? What was that like for you?

Angela Martini: It was super cool! It was a very fast shoot, no longer than five minutes. We tried to make the looks ’80s and ’90s, but it was very quick and really hot. 


Where were you being photographed?

In the East Village in New York City and it was actually before Theophilus was performing. He’s a very cool guy!

Are you into his music?

Yes, of course! I have his album and I saw him perform many times before as well. He’s a very good performer and he’s so young.

He’s about your age?

23, yes! But it seems like he’s way older, the way he talks. I love his album. My favorite song is “Love is Real.”

Do you buy CDs or do you download music?

I have an iPod and I download everything. If you see my iPod, I always have the newest songs. I know who the new artists are and if they already have an album out. For example, The Weeknd. 

Everybody loves The Weeknd.

Yes, how can you not? I like him because he’s different.


Do you think Theophilus’ music will be accepted in Albania?

I think the Swiss will like him more! [Laughs] No, of course I think, worldwide, people will love him. I think he’s going to have hit tracks all over with a lot of people. He has this appeal, and he’s very ambitious and focused on fashion as well. It was fun shooting with him! I like to shoot with a lot of people, see how they work, see everything.

You did an interview together. Have you played a journalist before? Have you done this for another magazine?

No, not for another magazine. I do this in my private life with people that I meet. I like to ask them question after question and then, sometimes they think, ‘What the hell?’ [Laughs] I say, ‘I just want to know; that’s why I’m asking you straight forward!’ But it was fun! I asked him way more questions than what appeared in the magazine!

How’s your swimwear line doing?

Good, I’m extending it today. I’m changing the whole collection to black and white and I’m mixing the 1950s with modern. I’m keeping three of them, but I’m changing the other things.


When can we see the next campaign?

It’s going to be the end of November, beginning of December. 

Do you know where you want to have it photographed? Are you going to be in the city or on the beach?

No, in the city. I like to do it like a 1950s pin up girl. It’s going to be fun. I have this flip camera that we are filming behind the scenes stuff with.

As a celebrity you have to be conscious of the things that you say to people and how they’re taken into context. Do you find that difficult?

Yes, I hate it because I want to speak the truth all the time, and I want to say exactly what I think. Now, I’m learning to be diplomatic and to be conscious of certain things. People are too sensitive. There’s nothing wrong with the truth as long as it’s the truth. Why would you want to live in a fantasy?

You come from a culture where women speak their mind and everybody says what they’re thinking.

I was raised very much like that. Lately, I noticed I have to be very aware of what I say but I don’t want to follow this rule. People say, ‘If you don’t follow it, they will break you down.’ I’m taking this risk. So I decided that no matter what, I’m going to say what I think, even if it feels like everyone might turn against me.  It’s a challenge and I feel stronger. 

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