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I come to my Global Grind readers a sad woman. For a couple of days now, I have really been missing one of my favorite people in the WHOLE WORLD, Mr. Kanye West. We all know that he said he was going to be out of the spotlight for a while because of the whole ‘Taylor Swift’ incident, but its not like she was winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It was a MTV Moon-man, for christ sakes!

We all remember that night. September 13, 2009…

Taylor Swift was up against Beyonce’ for ‘Best Female Video’ at the VMA’s…although many thought Bey had it in the bag, young Taylor took home the award. Bey’s Big brother Kanye wasn’t feeling that- AT ALL. The combination of anger and Hennessy is what fueled my main man to hop on stage, take the mic from Taylor and say ‘Taylor, I’ma let you finish, but Beyonce’ had the best video of ALL TIME’, shrug and give her the mic back. That night, Twitter went crazy, people just ‘couldn’t believe’ that happened and everyone was just so mad at Ye.



After the incident, Kanye publicly apologized to Taylor more than once, even appearing on Jay Leno’s show:

And then decided to back out of the spotlight.

Fast forward to now. There have been a couple of Kanye sightings:

September 26th, 2009 at Common’s concert:

In LA at Capitol City with Amber in September



In Paris…

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