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Courtney Stodden continues to proudly flaunt her underaged body to the world.

PHOTOS: Courtney Stodden Shows Off Her School Girl Treats

This time, Courtney showed it all off while walking home from Starbucks in her booty shorts and barely there top. 

17-year-old Courtney has remained in the press consistenly since she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson earlier this year. The marriage left many people questioning, where was her mother?

Well now, her mom is speaking out.

PHOTOS: Is Courtney Stodden Really 17 Years Old

In an exclusive interview with Daily Beast, Courtney Stodden’s mother Krista Keller tries to explain her daughter’s behavior, even comparing her to late Playboy model and media fixture Anna Nicole Smith.

Check out some excerpts below!

Courtney’s Mother On A Man Handling Her 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Sexuality:

“Even though she was just 16, I knew it was going to take a pretty big man to handle her because of her sexuality and because of the attention she gets.”

Courtney’s Mother On People Saying Her Daughter Should Have Waited To Get Married:

“These people that say, ‘You could have waited,’ I really don’t understand this way of thinking,” says Keller, who is the same age as her son-in-law. “Why do parents think that kids need to have those teen years spent going out with different boys, going out in different cars, going out on the beach together alone? There’s a lot of bad stuff that happens in those teen years. They end up being killed in car crashes due to driving with people that have been drinking. Oh, but they’re gonna have their teen years. My daughter is safe. I know where my daughter is.” 

Courtney’s Mother On Her Daughter’s History With Drugs: 

“My daughter has never had any drugs, ever,” Keller says. “She never drank. She never smoked. People that know her personality know that’s Courtney. She’s just a character. When they get to know her on the reality show, they’ll realize this is her personality.”

Courtney’s Mother On Why Her Daughter Is The New Anna Nicole Smith: 

“The gay community has been so loving to her,” Keller says. “I know that Anna Nicole Smith had a great rapport with the gay community, and I think they’ve been waiting to have someone they can connect with, and I think Courtney is that person. She is different and stands out. Frankly, we thought she’d fit in better in Hollywood.”

Reality show? Could this all be for show, what do you think?

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SOURCE: Daily Beast 

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